9 wonderful exercises that increase breast and pripodnimut

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 Most women dream of a beautiful chest. This is not surprising. Many men come to the delight of beautiful female breast. But they will never understand how much trouble and unrest she delivers the female sex. One thinks she languid, others that are too small, and someone wants to reduce it. What thoughts do not wander alone in the women's heads. Realize their dreams can master this complex exercise.

Compression palms.
For this exercise, stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Fold the front of the palm of her fingers up. Then you need to heavily compress the lower part of the palms, fingers, turn to him, straightened his hands, lower arms and hands folded in front of him. Exercise repeat five times.

Grip the fingers.
Stand up straight, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and raise your arms bent at the knees at the level of the person. Clasp your fingers. Sharp movements plant hands to the sides. Exercise is repeated ten times.

Alternate lifting arms.
Stand up straight with your feet together. Raise your hand straightened up and move her head. Hand, try to have as far as possible back. Lower the arm down. Repeat the same with the left hand. Exercise is repeated six times with each hand.

Show of hands.
Stand with your feet together. Raise your arms straight gentle movement forward. Spread them apart, turn palms up. Raise your hands above your head and clap your hands. Lower the arms and return to starting position.

Describing circles hands.
Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your right hand on your hip, the left describe a large circle. Exercise must be performed quickly. Change hands. Perform each exercise for each hand five times.

Lie on the floor on your stomach, bend your arms at the elbows and put his head. Taps elbows back. Raise the head and chest, as far as possible from the floor. Goes down, completely relaxed. Lower the head, face, turn to the side. Repeat the exercise five times.

Fast slopes.
Get down on your knees, place your hands on the floor so that the legs and arms were with the body of a right angle. Straighten your toes with your hands shoulder-width apart. Quickly bend your elbows and slowly straighten them. Repeat the exercise ten times.

Slowly lower.
Stand in front of a chair, grasp the side edges of the seat with his hands. Now pull the first left, then the right foot back, leaning on hands. Shoulder blades together, the whole body should form a straight line. In this position, slowly bend your elbows and straighten your arms quickly. Repeat the exercise five times.

Tremors from the wall.
At arm's length, stand facing the wall. Place your hands on the wall and, bending at the elbows, slowly approaching the wall. Return to starting position, rebounding from the wall with his hands. Repeat the exercise ten times.

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