6 good reasons to do physical exercises

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 Fitness classes are no longer just a fashionable fad, but a real lifestyle. Millions of people around the world spend their free time in the gym, on the treadmill, swimming pools, sweat and lose those extra pounds. Do you still doubt that fitness is needed in your life too? Here are six good reasons to do physical exercise, without postponing it for a long time.

Fitness - it's great.
This is perhaps the most important reason. Playing sports, you strengthen health, strengthens the cardiovascular system, control blood pressure. Regularly carry out exercises thin the blood, which leads to reducing the risk of blood clots, improves nutrition of blood cells and slows down the aging process of the whole organism. The volume of air processed light becomes more and more oxygen gets to the brain cells, resulting in reduced risk of diseases associated with nervous system. Joints, getting regular load, remain flexible and agile, retreating various arthritis and arthrosis.

Fitness - it's a beauty.
Due to the enhanced formation of muscle tissue in the body and will accelerate the metabolism of fat is burned. Muscles become toned, elastic gait - light, back - straight. Accelerated metabolism leads to the fact that toxins are excreted more rapidly improves skin, fade acne and irritation.

Fitness - it's confidence.
Knowing what you can do many things, is wanted, faith in our own strength and ability to build the right strategy in achieving a specific goal - all this is the result of regular exercise. These skills are essential not only in the gym, they make it possible to achieve success in any situation. Sport teaches us to overcome obstacles and achieve desired.

Fitness - it's the right habit.
It's hard to do fitness and still load in the evenings, smoke like a locomotive, or abuse alcohol. Sports Activities and bad habits are incompatible. Many cling to a cigarette or a glass it was during the depression or boredom. Physical activity increases the allocation of natural hormones in the blood of happiness: endorphin and serotonin. This means that you no longer need drugs to improve their mood. Fitness helps prevent stress and insomnia, not only because it relieves nervous tension, but also because it reduces the level of adrenaline and hormones that contribute to the emergence of nervous tension and fatigue.

Fitness - a new social circle
Sports bring people together, it's easier to start a conversation with a perfect stranger, because you always have a topic of conversation. Perhaps it was in the gym you can meet future trusted friends, lucrative business partners or your true love.

Fitness - it's a reason to be proud.
Women tend to look inward disadvantages. And often a compliment, said from the heart, is viewed with distrust. Sports or fitness will help change attitudes. Knowing which way passed, as you have changed since the start of the course, you will begin to be proud of their achievements and each other.

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