How to find an engagement ring

How to find an engagement ring
 By choosing a wedding ring should be approached seriously. This decoration will wear a very long time, so it should completely give its owner. The ring should like carrier and not cause him discomfort.
 The size of the fingers may be slightly changed under the influence of temperature, winter fingers are longer, and vice versa in the summer swell. Undesirable before fitting rings engage physically demanding, wash or drink too much liquid, because the fingers after these actions also swell. It is better to make such a purchase in the evening, while at rest. Do not buy the ring of a certain size, it is not an example.

Sometimes the specified size may vary. Select only the items that you like. You should always wear a wedding ring, so it should suit you completely and not be annoying.

Take a closer look and the thickness of the selected decorations. On the long, thin fingers look better narrow or wide products. The average model rings will "forgive" your hand.

Short fingers thicknesses better fit narrow rings. On average thickness and length of the fingers will be well looked completely different jewelry. Long and thick fingers fit wide and massive decorations.

Some people knuckle wider than its base ring in this case is chosen differently. Narrow product should not be free to take joint, let ring in this place will be a little small. Then at the base of the finger ornament is just the size. Extensive product must be free to the contrary in the joints of the fingers, it will in any case be a good fit.

At the rings can be different internal profiles: flat or rounded (comfort fit - «comfortable fit"). Flat most common, but less convenient, cut into finger. Convex profile on the contrary causes less discomfort. In addition, in the future it can whittle away, thus increasing the size of jewelry.

When choosing between two sizes should take less with a rounded profile or a larger flat interior.

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