How to choose shoes

How to choose shoes
 Shoes - an important element of any outfit. It should complement the image, to emphasize the style to be fashionable and elegant. Female legs should feel comfortable in your favorite shoes. Rubbing and stiffness - signs of poor quality or improperly fitting shoes.
 Buy shoes only its size, or may appear rubbed sore, blisters and more serious problems, such as diseases of the joints, veins, foot deformity. Be sure to try on your favorite pair of shoes. Make sure it is the right size, fits well and never too tight. Do not buy shoes in the evening, after a day legs slightly swollen and selected shoes you may seem a little closer. Do not choose a very loose and shoes, in which the leg "hanging". Because of this may appear corn and leg muscles constantly be stretched. Carefully inspect your favorite pair for defects, check the seams, zippers and fasteners, make sure that the sole never departs.

A very important point - this is the material from which made shoes. It is better if it is natural, will not deform and allow the skin of feet to "breathe". It is recommended to wear shoes made of genuine leather, nubuck, suede or textile. If you really liked the shoes or boots made of artificial material, make sure the lining is made of leather or textiles. Well, if the insole is impregnated with an antibacterial compound.

As for the height of the heel, then for healthy feet is considered optimum for wide heel shoes, up to 5 centimeters. High heel and a thin pin cause a strong contraction of the calf muscles and relax the muscles and ligaments of the front tibia. If you always wear high heels, can provoke the appearance of corns on the soles of the feet, ankle sprains and podvertyvaniya foot. Shoes for the weather and, accordingly, place or event where go.

Every day is best to choose shoes with a small wide heel. A beautiful bright shoes with high heels reserved for festive celebrations and outputs. Do not forget to care for shoes - then it will last you much longer.

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