Trends in the world of children's fashion

Trends in the world of children's fashion
 Children's clothing requires much more careful approach when buying than adults. Fabrics should be natural, not to irritate delicate baby skin should not be complicated buckles, laces or decorative elements, in which a baby can get confused or hurt them. But this does not mean that your child can not be a little mod.

Children's fashion is even harder than fashion for adults. Its main feature is that kids often grow out of things faster than they are losing relevance. But lay person needs to taste it since childhood.

Of course, to play in the sandbox, you can choose the easiest non-marking suit. However, if you travel with a child at some event, take care of his appearance.

Very often, a collection of children's clothes - a small copy of an adult fashionable wardrobe. And do not think that your son is in a classic suit or your little princess in a magnificent dress will feel uncomfortable. Children often want to seem older, so copying their manners, including appearance.

However, if the crumb is still acting up at the sight of his chosen clothes, do not force him to dress that way. Child - a little man, and he is entitled to their own opinion. Otherwise, you expect tears and completely spoiled the event.

So, we found that children's clothes should be comfortable and pleasant to kids. What exactly things at the peak of popularity in 2011?

Trousers. For boys, this can be both classic and plaid pants or breeches tucked. Jeans are still not out of fashion. This year, the relevant classics and tapering model and jeans with holes and scuffs.

Jumpers. Here, too, there is no strict limitations in shapes and colors. Now popularly known as black-and-white color combination and mixing game. Girls in terms of knitted outerwear luckier: in addition to a variety of sweaters, they are sewn capes and jackets.

Skirts. Your daughter will be very stylish look in a mini-skirt or a skirt to the knee-cylinder made of denim with lots of pockets.

Accessories. Baby bags, scarves and hats in style should fit the overall wardrobe, but it can be very bright, positive colors.

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