The World of Fashion: Carine Roitfeld

The World of Fashion: Carine Roitfeld
 Carine Roitfeld for 10 years, led the women's fashion magazine Vogue for a couple with Anna Dello Russo and Allen Wintour. Now Karin will focus on new own projects.

Carine Roitfeld's career began with a catwalk model, but soon Karin got sick and she started working as a journalist and then a stylist magazine Elle. She has worked in tandem with the photographer Mario Testino and often advised Tom Ford, when he worked at Gucci. Many attribute care Karin from the magazine its connection with Tom Ford (who this year began to study the female line). According to rumors, now editor in chief of Vogue will be appointed Anna Dello Russo and Allen Wintour.

Anyway, who would not take priority over the magazine, he will have to work, because the magazine has gained quite scandalous reputation, thanks to Carine Roitfeld. When she worked on shooting, then brought in the idea of ​​the magazine to depict smoking models dressed as pregnant. More in the magazine no one could agree to this.

About the care of Karin gave an interview to the magazine. She said that the era of glamor has outlived its usefulness, fashion has become a private business, and only heels continue to give women power. According to Karin, the fashion world is very specific, and if not for the support of her loved ones, it is unlikely that it has achieved such heights, and probably would have gone crazy.

In the fashion world there are often unimaginable things. One coat may be worth big money, as well as high-quality photo session at a good photographer. But when Karin looks at this coat and these wonderful pictures, the efforts of many people, such overpricing it does not seem so high. This question can not be compared with the work of doctors, who work hard to save someone's life. The fashion world is limited to long skirts and heels.

The last few years Karin received any incomparable pleasure from the fashion world, but towards the end it was not fun. As she considers fashion passed into the hands of private business, and became focused on getting one just arrived. On the catwalks lost former charm and Karin disappointed in them.

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