Reduces weight without strict diet

 Want to lose weight but do not want to sit on a rigid diet? Make adjustments to your diet and lose weight without severe restrictions!  

Replace coffee and black tea to green

Green tea speeds up metabolism and helps to lose weight quickly. A nice bonus is this: green tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant effect, so you not only get thin, but also to strengthen their health.

Would you like chocolate? Choose black!

Glycemic index of dark chocolate is much lower than that of white or milk. What is the glycemic index (GI)? GM product shows how much increased level of sugar in your blood after you ate it. High blood sugar causes a strong insulin secretion anabolic hormone responsible for the accumulation. In addition, high levels of insulin in the blood blocks the process of fat burning. This way, you not only gain weight, but can not spend old fat stores!

Replace sugar water on the mineral

In every glass of sweet water contains about 150kkal. So, drinking a glass of cola every day, you can collect 1 kg of fat in 2 months!
The calculation here is: 9000 (many calories contains 1 kg of fat) / 150 = 60 days. Glass of mineral water contains 0 calories and beneficial minerals that you lose in sweat during exercise.

Do you like juice? Drink only fresh!

What is the composition of juice in the package? Water, sugar, and colorants. So if you love to drink the juice, drink fresh. Bonus: Get a bunch of vitamins and antioxidants, and if you add the flesh, then the fiber.
If you squeeze the juice there is no possibility, carefully studied the composition of the batch of juice and choose juices with pulp and the fewest calories per 100g. This means that it contains less sugar.

Replace conventional bread cereal

Grain bread contains fewer calories, it has lower glycemic index, and it contains more fiber. Convinced?

Adds spice in food

Red pepper successfully struggling with excess weight. Kapsikam (extract from red pepper) is firmly established itself as the main ingredient supplements for weight loss. Noticeable effect will even red pepper added to food.
Ginger helps to improve digestion, and turmeric and fennel cleanse the body of toxins.

Eat garlic

If you are afraid of a specific smell, take garlic extract in capsules. What's the point? Garlic is good for the heart and blood vessels and its regular intake can reduce fat deposits, especially in the abdominal area.

Choose low-fat dairy products

1g of fat contains 9 calories 2. Furthermore, animal fats, which contains milk, is not particularly useful for the heart.

Salad dressing with olive oil

Give up the mayonnaise in vegetable salads in favor of olive oil. It is good for the heart, supports the skin tone, strengthens hair and nails, provides useful body fat.

Less salt!

Daily salt intake should limit 3-6g. This is the medical norm.

Take your vitamins and minerals

Their reception charitable impact on your appearance and health. In addition, doctors have shown that a lack of certain vitamins and minerals slows down the body's metabolism.

Replace pork beef

And in general, change in the fatty meat lean. His best sources are: chicken breasts, rabbit, lean beef, etc.

Can not live without ice cream? Choose low-fat

Now you can find not only ice cream, but frozen on a stick juice. Choosing the ice cream on the basis of juice, you win 150 calories!

Instead of eggs and bacon, grill vegetables and eggs

Vegetables are very useful for our body. They are low-calorie, contain vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Cellulose in turn accelerates intestinal motor function, fills the stomach creating a feeling of satiety, and absorbs fats.

Do not eat in public catering

There you can never know exactly what and how much added to this or that dish, and how much fat and calories it contains.

Teach yourself to eat vegetable soups

Their use is obvious: few calories, a large amount of useful vegetables plus benefits for the stomach. The main thing is not to cook them on a fat broth.

Complements the meat with vegetables

As mentioned above, vegetables absorb fats that contain meat. In addition, they prevent the development of bowel cancer by eating a high-grade protein (to this type of protein is meat).

Dried fruits for dessert

Want sweet? Combine business with pleasure - eat dried fruit.

Eat fish

It is advisable to eat fish and other seafood several times a week. Seafood contain not only an easily digestible protein, but also iodine, which is very useful for thyroid. It is worth noting that one of the main functions of the thyroid gland is the regulation of metabolism.


If you really wanted to eat something not very diet - eat. In our weight affects not what currently is on our plate, and what is there for a week, month, etc. So from one cake a week no harm.

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