The Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet
 Any diet is associated with limitations in the brain and the control of food intake. Only some can not look at the positive prohibitions and not think about what I want to eat, and that the victim be rewarded slender figure.
 Connie Guttersen - author of The Sonoma Diet - I am sure that slimming need the right attitude. Namely, you need to enjoy eating healthy foods in moderation. But he does not deny that certain foods (such as white flour, sugar and saturated fats) will need to eliminate from your diet, and if you do not agree with this, it is not worth starting.

Sonoma Diet encourages eating fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but Guttersen particularly insists on frequent use of the following products:

- Almonds;
- Bell pepper;
- Blueberry;
- Broccoli;
- Olive oil;
- Grapes;
- Spinach;
- Strawberries;
- Tomato;
- Whole grains.

They contain many nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and fats, which not only provide the necessary body all but prevent cancers.

This diet consists of three phases:

The first stage (10 days) is aimed at trying to get used to the fact that products such as white rice, oil, chips, bacon, sausage and fruit juice can no longer use. Its attention should be focused on the nuts, herbs, spices, lean beef, eggs, eggplant, asparagus, fat-free yogurt and olive oil. The main objective of the diet did not reduce the number of calories consumed, and reduce the portion of food. Need of breakfast dishes with a diameter of not more than 18 cm, and lunch and dinner from this that no more than 23 cm.

The second stage involves the use of the above products until such time as a person's weight is not normal. In small amounts can have flour and sweet.

The third stage begins after the scales show "favorite number" and lasts indefinitely. That is, this diet should be a way of life.

As for exercise, then with a diet Sonoma they are not mandatory, although it will not be superfluous. Moderate exercise can help even faster to achieve the desired results.

This diet is easy to use and gives a clear result that the right approach is maintained constantly. The main thing is to have everything in moderation and brings satisfaction, but not morally depressed.

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