In the autumn with a diet

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 Beautiful autumn season is always a desire to go out of town to enjoy the bright and vivid colors of nature, scattered along the branches of trees and shrubs. In addition to be missed provided a good opportunity to apply for the benefit of the body of fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to many studies, in the autumn months appropriately just go on a diet. This will be useful for the body, given that imbued sunlight caressing sun fruits and vegetables are generous gifts of nature. Autumn delicious organic foods especially rich in nutrients, which endows them "it's time the charm."

During this period, always have the opportunity to focus on a special diet. Actively use for this can be an inexpensive plant food that does not contain harmful substances and preservatives, which are usually held in the winter selling vegetables and fruits.

Rationally will hold two days a week, fruit and vegetable diet, where you will forget about meat, eggs, fish, dairy and seafood. In this way you will be able to support not only your body, but also the immune system, allowing them to rest on past summer loads. Allow to gain a little discharge power throughout the body, and it will protect you in the cold of winter, securely spared from cold and always pursuing urban residents flu.

That autumn vegetable diet will help support and facilitate cleaning motility and excretory systems of the whole organism. And this in turn affects the health of the skin, which gives it greater elasticity and the cells produced in abundance so valuable for them fat.

But for the effective use of these diets should follow a few rules:

- Do not eat after six in the evening;
- Vegetarian soups combine with bread (bran), potatoes and rice;
- In the morning and in the afternoon to eat fish, fish products and meat, to replenish their energy, thus, they should only eat vegetables;
- Vegetables and cereals in the fasting days, allowed to eat in the evening;
- It is necessary to enter into the diet of only unrefined vegetable oils;
- Fresh (fresh juice) can only drink one glass - twice a week, and the heartburn is better to consume steamed or baked vegetables and fruits.

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