Improper diet

Improper diet
 Many of those who are overweight, losing weight for a long time lay on then ... And suddenly - an important event (a date or even a wedding!). The fact that accumulated over the years, an urgent need to lose. People rush to look for miraculous diets, oblivious to the fact that fast - it's not always accurately. And it is not harmless.

The diet does not bring the desired result, if it is based on a sharp reduction in calorie intake. While some, it appears that it is fasting guarantees the best results. But suddenly canceled pounds - a huge stress to the body! In addition, the body is "grief" begins to put out the water, leaving the fat "in reserve". A lost fluids quickly fill (and pounds come back, perhaps even with a vengeance), when a person losing weight "peel off" with a strict diet.

It is necessary to be cautious in agreeing to a diet that is based on the reception of special tablets, powders, etc. Most often it is just a hoax. However, some drugs for weight loss is really effective, but "in the wrong direction." They include diuretics, or laxatives that promote the removal of water from the urgent organism. The result will be the same as described above.

Many involve diet during which should have only certain products (or even a single product) or products in specific combinations. Only there is no credible scientific evidence that the "connection" of certain products or exclusively buckwheat (or watermelon, or apple or chocolate - etc.) mono-diet affects weight loss. But the body does not get the necessary nutrients from other food ...

There are those diets that involve skipping meals or substitute for breakfast, lunch or dinner by some food concentrates. In this case, too, the body is not able to receive the necessary that do not lead to loss of weight and to poor health.

Diet makes you completely abandon fat, sugar or carbohydrates? Again, the body will not get anything important for health. There could and should be almost anything but balanced and in small portions. Then a wild appetite, causing the sweep is more or less edible in their path, and rapid weight gain you will not get any.

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