Grapefruit Diet: rules of

Grapefruit Diet: rules of
 Grapefruit - one of the most popular products used for weight loss, so there are a variety of diets with his participation. The use of it not only in its low caloric content, but also in a special composition, which includes a substance that helps break down fats more actively.
 There are two most popular grapefruit diet. The first part is called the diet Malakhov, as broadcaster itself in many programs said that tried a similar scheme to supply himself and considers it a success. To this day requires 2 eggs, and the same amount of grapefruit. Each food is divided into two halves and eaten alternately every hour. That is permitted for breakfast egg half, half of the fruit is followed, and so forth, until the end products. Approximately the last meal begins about 15 hours and then allowed only green tea.

Sufficiently rigid diet, so stick with it for more than three days is not worth it, because the body needs other nutrients. But as the handling of the day, this food is just perfect.

Second grapefruit diet slimming gentle enough, but no less effective. It has certain limitations. Thus, the chunk size should not exceed the amount of glass in the evening there can not be forbidden to add in salt and sugar products.

During the week, each meal begins with a single grapefruit. At breakfast the following products are allowed: yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese, a little oatmeal or muesli, fruit salad. Dinner includes salad or serving of vegetable soup. Served with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, and could consist of any cooked or fresh vegetables, except potatoes and legumes. For dinner, eaten portion of vegetable salad. Once a week you can cook some rice. Grapefruit diet once a day are replaced by a portion of fresh juice, whether it is morning or evening - principle does not matter. From drinks allowed green tea and coffee without sugar.

In keeping with this power, you can lose weight by 5 kg. The benefits of the grapefruit diet, are obvious: the body gets a lot of vitamins and minerals, fiber and other nutrients, but it does not feel sharp stress due to hunger. Only one drawback - the complete absence of meat and fish products and the minimum amount of animal protein. But when you consider that vegetarians thrive without these products, we can assume grapefruit diet is almost perfect.

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