Grapefruit Diet - Lose Weight on citrus

Grapefruit Diet - Lose Weight on citrus
 Wants to lose weight almost any girl, but can withstand a diet is not all. Monotonous, boring, tasteless food seems worse than imperfect figure. But it is possible to opt for harmony and not agonize without food. If you sit on the grapefruit diet.  
 Citrus fruits have become best friends of all the girls losing weight. After all, they contain very few calories and still useful. Moreover, after a long citrus do not want to eat. And on such a diet reduced chances of contracting several times, because of similar doses of vitamin C immunity does not miss a single virus. A nice bonus: the improvement of hair, skin and nails due to consumption of large amounts of nutrients.

Grapefruits are renowned for their tonic properties. Even this fruit improves bowel and contribute to the breakdown of proteins. On greyprutovoy diet is not necessary to sit for more than five days. On average, you can lose about 1, 5 kg.

This diet is easy to move, because the hunger strike is not required. Simply before meals to eat half a grapefruit average. You can instead drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Particular attention should be given to drink. Need to drink 2 liters a day. Preferable - green or herbal tea, mineral water. Of course, and should make some food restrictions. Abandon the sweet, fat, fast food. Sometimes, instead of breakfast or dinner, you can eat a light yogurt or fruit salad (no bananas, because these fruits are very high in calories).

Grapefruit and contribute to weight loss without dieting. Suffice it to arrange a fasting day with grapefruit. Diet is: greyprutov five and five egg whites to eat at a time at intervals of one hour. Thus, you will be released ten meals. Fasting day promises to get rid of 1 kg. Only here to arrange it costs no more than once every two weeks.

Not all girls like bitter grapefruit. But oranges like almost everyone. Diet for these fruits lasts three weeks and promises to help reset 4-7 kg each week. In the first week of the day, you can eat one kilo of oranges and two eggs. On the second week of connected porridge (buckwheat) - as long as possible, and again - one kilo of oranges a day. During the third week of the number of citrus remains the same, but you can add steamed or raw fruits and vegetables.

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