Gluten-free diet: how to lose weight quickly

Gluten-free diet: how to lose weight quickly
 Intolerance to foods that contain a special protein gluten (flour, barley, wheat, rye, oats, starch) is called celiac disease. It refers to serious diseases transmitted by inheritance. Most often it manifests itself at an early age.

The only effective treatment for this disease is considered gluten-free diet, which is based on the rejection of flour and sweet. Glyutenosoderzhaschaya food moving through the small intestine mucosa damage the hairs that help food move. This diet is, in turn, normalizes physical state ensures proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and promotes weight loss.

In the 50s believed that celiac disease is sick 1 person from 4000, but in the 80s, this assumption dissipated. New diagnostic techniques have allowed to find specific antibodies in serum. As a result of surveys (screening) opened multiple atypical and latent forms of the disease. In many countries the ratio became sick and healthy 1: 100, 1: 300. Doctors have found that the cause of short stature, developmental delay, infertility, multiple miscarriages, osteoporosis can be celiac disease. She also has complications such as malignant tumors, neuro-psychiatric diseases, epilepsy, depression.

Children who can not tolerate gluten, there are often problems in the form of food allergy, chronic diarrhea and skin rashes. In this case, the gluten-free diet for life is not observed, but only a certain period, from several months to 2 years. After that, most children can eat a normal diet. Children who are suffering from celiac disease, is largely limited. They can not go to kindergarten, attending guests and birthday parties, eat at the cafe, because these places are rife with pies, cakes and other products glyutenosoderzhaschimi.

In many countries, especially for patients with celiac disease and gluten-free substitutes are available pasta, bread, flour, baking and others. The food packages such print a special character - crossed spike.

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