Diet on grapefruit - effective, simple, useful

Diet on grapefruit - effective, simple, useful
 Grapefruit Diet allows you to quickly lose unwanted pounds, strengthen the immune system, speed up the metabolic processes in the body, and improve the condition of skin and hair. And it's all thanks to the set of trace elements and minerals that are found in citrus fruits.
 Grapefruit diet is designed for 7 days, during which the need to adhere to a special diet:

1 day. During breakfast are allowed to eat 50 grams of ham and one grapefruit, which can be replaced with a fresh juice from the fruit without added sugar. For lunch, we recommend to eat grapefruit or 1 170 grams of salad vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice. Dining need vegetable salad with lemon juice and 150 grams of cooked or braised meat. For dessert - a small tea spoon of honey or sugar.

Day 2. Morning meal should consist of two welded eggs, grapefruit and a cup of tea. Lunch involves the use of grapefruit and 50 grams of cheese. For dinner, allowed to eat a salad of greens with olive oil or just squeezed lemon juice, 150 grams of boiled chicken or fish, a piece of black or rye bread, which can be replaced loaf.

3 day. Start your day with cereal, yogurt diluted, and eat a grapefruit. For lunch should be worn as a grapefruit and a cup of regular green soup. At dinner - grapefruit, 200 grams unsalted boiled chicken, baked tomato.

4 day. Breakfast can be a boiled egg, a grapefruit. Drink specialties desirable glass of tomato juice or green tea. For lunch, used grapefruit, salad greens, seasoned with lemon juice, one slice of bread. Dinner is presented boiled vegetables and a glass of juice from a fresh grapefruit.

5 day. During breakfast should eat a fruit salad and a glass of fresh unsweetened grapefruit juice. At lunch you can enjoy a large baked potato and 200 grams of cabbage salad. For dinner 250 grams unsalted fish or chicken, a grapefruit and a glass of juice from tomatoes.

6 and 7, the day is selected according to the general well-being. Diet these days can be represented by any combination of the above steps diet.

In the grapefruit diet does not encourage drinking coffee and black tea. From drinks preference of Chinese green tea. In between the feasts in the case of debilitating hunger can drink 200 milliliters of yogurt. There after 19-00 pm is not recommended. Due to the fact that the diet with grapefruit diet includes a lot of restrictions on food, this program for weight loss should not be used by people suffering from gastritis and stomach ulcers. Everyone else can, adhering to the rules of the diet, lose up to 5 pounds a week.

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