Diet for the passion of love

Diet for the passion of love
 You've probably heard that there are products that excite sexual desire. We can not say that they act as "Viagra" or similar stimulants, but a certain effect with their help to achieve it is still possible. What, you do not know what products should be used as aphrodisiacs? Then this information is for you!

Seafood. Holds the record for popularity among lovers because of the relative availability and very high prices. Especially good use to increase sexual desire prawns, mussels and other shellfish, and eggs. This food contains a lot of protein, vitamins and trace elements valuable, capable of accelerating blood and made to feel a surge of strength, not only men but also women.

Very useful for kindling passion of love and vegetable substances, such as extracts of ginseng and Eleutherococcus. Unfortunately, in our country to get them is not so easy, so you can resort to a simple and affordable aphrodisiac. Perfect to set the mood and stimulation potency fit avocado - this fruit has a pleasant buttery texture and can even be used in the game of love, and its high nutritional properties allow lovers to enjoy for a long time caressing each other and do not fizzle out. The stimulating effect is the usual tomatoes and hot pepper and ginger.

Oddly enough, in the first place on the effectiveness of in love affairs worth garlic. The physiological activity of this vegetable is so strong that makes the blood run faster through the veins, stimulating not only the heart and all internal organs, but also increasing desire. So if you both smell of garlic are not confused or one of you a runny nose, it means you can use without fear. The effect of garlic is not long to wait, you can be sure.

But oily and overly fried food has the opposite effect. The body is set for a long digestion and nothing he does not need. It is for this reason before the stormy night of love is better not to load, but only a snack. But if you want to arrange a sex marathon, lasting a few days, you should take care of the diet during this period. From the menu to exclude pork and mutton, the best use lean beef and chicken meat. Eggs have a beneficial effect on the sexual appetite, especially good to use for this purpose quail eggs - they contain many beneficial vitamins and minerals. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits to the digestive system to work quickly and without interruption. Better to drink juices, mineral water and green tea, but from products containing caffeine, should be abandoned.

There is an opinion that under the influence of alcohol increases not only the mood, but also sexual desire. Indeed, a small liberation and excitement you can feel, but if you overdo it with the dose will not be able not only to walk alone to her bed, but lose potency. Large quantities of alcohol has a relaxing effect.

Remember that the menu should be thought out with the tastes of your chosen one. Do not overload the table stimulants to increased sexual desire and became bright and strong enough one to two aphrodisiacs. The main thing - your relationships, do not forget about it, and sensual and violent sex can be arranged on an empty stomach.

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