Cottage cheese diet: a simple and useful

Cottage cheese diet: a simple and useful
 Curd belongs to diet slimming treatment methods - the useful properties of the product used for the treatment of obesity, liver diseases, problems with pressure vessels, etc. Use of cheese with low fat or non-fat diet is the basis of grades.
 Any diet has its consequences - radical monodiets affect the condition of hair, teeth and nails, and less stringent restrictions nutrition can affect the color of the skin. Cottage cheese diet devoid of these shortcomings, as the product contains calcium and phosphorus. For the condition of the bones, teeth, hair and nails can not worry. Cottage cheese contains milk fat and protein, it is quite hearty, so saturation occurs faster in the use of even small amounts of product. Due to the small cottage diuretic effect helps to eliminate excess fluid, reduce swelling of tissues.

The curd should be combined with other foods - yogurt, fruit, tea. These combinations help support the body, and diet does not bring mental suffering. Curd diet designed for three or five days - during this period of daily consumption of low fat cottage cheese is not more than 500 grams. Of the liquid is allowed to drink two cups of nonfat yogurt (the volume is divided into five parts and distributed on the day), a cup of broth hips. Also in unlimited quantities can be consumed green tea and pure water.

Cottage cheese and fruit diet can observe for a week. Sample menu is as follows: 400 grams of cheese on each portion is added to 2 teaspoons brewed wheat bran, a drop of honey and a few vegetables or fruit. Fasting should drink a glass of kefir - in the morning and at bedtime. Fruit and cottage cheese diet is attractive for its indulgences (cottage cheese can cook casseroles, add it to vegetable salads, etc.) and a pleasant taste (fresh low-fat cottage cheese combined with juicy fruit tastes like sweet dessert). The variety of products and good compatibility curd with vegetables, fruits, dairy products allows to make a varied menu.

Cheese fasting days allow cleanse the body - 0, 5 kilograms of cheese spread on the day (you can increase the amount of cheese to eat one kilogram and 200 grams per dose). Drink throughout the day green tea or water, but after waiting half an hour after eating. These days it is possible to include in the seven-day diet - "apple" Monday, "carrot" Tuesday, "curd" Wednesday, etc.

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