California-based diet for skin beauty

California-based diet for skin beauty
 Diet for weight loss, which was invented in California, is not so popular in our country, as some other methods of weight loss. And it is in vain, because this power system promises fantastic results in a relatively short period of time. In addition, it helps to not only lose weight but also improve the skin condition.
 The essence of the diet in the repetition of certain cycles, prescribing a period of five days to use a specific set of products. Since such power body lacks nutrients, it is not recommended to repeat the diet for more than three times in a row.

California-based diet is quite effective, but prescribes strict limits in food. So, for breakfast allowed only two crackers or Crisp, cup of coffee and an orange or grapefruit. Lunch at least meager: a glass of unsweetened yogurt or kefir, the same two crackers, boiled egg and orange. An hour after lunch allowed cup of tea or coffee. Dinner consists of two eggs and vegetable salad with yogurt dressing.

Menus for all five days of almost the same, except that the salad for dinner alternates with 50 grams of lean white meat poultry or rabbit that can be eaten with toast or crackers. For lunch also allowed 200 grams of boiled beef or other lean meat and one tomato or 100 grams of cottage cheese and salad vegetables.

Calorie portions of no more than 800 calories a day, so in strict compliance with the requirements of the diet, weight loss is inevitable. The disadvantage of such a power supply system in that the skin is not enough omega saturated acids contained in fish. The rest of the facial skin reacts to a similar menu just fine.

Effective diet not only helps to lose weight, but also eliminates the rash. Quite often the cause of acne is the abuse of sweet and fatty foods. In this case, the amount of sugar that enters the body is minimal. And most of it falls on the fructose of oranges or grapefruits. Fat is also represented only dairy products. Therefore, when the normalization of digestion and the absence of harmful products such as fast food complexion becomes fresh.

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