Business diet for the busiest

Business diet for the busiest
 In conditions of rapid working rhythm to eat properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle is almost impossible. And so the main trick business diet - the ability to choose the lesser of two evils.

"Muesli with milk instead of soda and a bun."
At your desktop, you can certainly make room for a pack of muesli, and if near the office and the shop is not quite far, and a carton of milk would be no problem. Combining these two products, you get a hearty and very useful mixture. At first, of course, you probably will not load, so try to choose high-calorie muesli. Then this dish you so much that you will be delighted by and muesli with raisins.

"Yogurt and cheese instead of coffee and sandwiches with sausage."
Yogurt - a milk drink with added fruit, conveniently and economically packaged. For satiety eat some low-calorie cheese durum. However, the processed cheese is also nice. Anyway, it's better than a sandwich with a fat sausage.

"Kefir with loaves instead of tea and cake."
This option is suitable only special steel with willpower. Bread - a product that hardly anyone to encroach from your colleagues.

"Apples and pears instead of bread with jam."
You can buy and bring fruit to work, and if it is not very convenient, replace them with dried fruit benefits from which will not be less.

"Dried apricots and nuts instead of chocolate."
Nuts, of course, are high-calorie foods, but they are very useful to improve metabolism and very hearty. A dried apricots between the first time after the transition to business diet to replace the absence of favorite sweets.

"Green tea instead of Coca-Cola and coffee"
Green tea can not only ease your suffering Diet, but also give strength and energy. He has a tonic effect, which makes it easy to carry starvation.

"Fructose instead of sugar."
If you can not live without the sweet tea, then you need something to replace sugar. The best option - fructose, is a natural sweetener.

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