Aerial diet

Aerial diet
 Often, especially after the winter, you may receive a feeling of heaviness, "debris" of the body and fatigue. In the fight against these manifestations of the best assistant will air diet. Its name speaks for itself - after a seven-day cycle, you will experience the ease of air.

Adhering to the air diet, you do not have too deep breathe, swallow air or oxygen cocktails to drink constantly. The title of this diet due to feelings that arise from its adherents have even after a single course, designed for seven days. Yes, and scales you too "say" that you just airy, and five kilogrammjd gone.

Air nutritionally adequate diet and calories. You do not have to experience the painful feeling of hunger. Enough to follow a few guidelines and to comply with the menu, individually tailored for each day.

Adhering to the air diet? you must completely abandon the use of salt. Try adding food herbs with garlic, balsamic vinegar or salt-free soy sauce. Perhaps cooked meals will be even tastier than with the addition of salt, and eventually you will be able to completely abandon it.

In addition? fat dairy products consumed should not exceed 2%. Do not eat after six hours, because then eaten food does not have time to fully digest, and you will not spend the calories obtained. Drink clean water is not carbonated. It is necessary to wash out from the tissues of the decay products and toxins that inhibit the further breakdown of fats and poison the body. Drink a liter of water before lunch and after a liter. It is better to drink it a lot when eating.

Seven days ye must eat for breakfast toast corn bread, smear a small amount of butter, with a thin slice of cheese. Wash down a cup of tea without sugar. It will be better to let the green tea which contains thiamine, which is a natural activator of metabolic processes in the human body.

Lunch the first day of the air diet should consist of buckwheat porridge with a glass of low-fat yogurt.

At lunch zaparte boiling oatmeal and give them a special tenderness, adding two tablespoons of yogurt. And again this afternoon snack the next three days. At an early dinner, prepare a fruit salad with yogurt and two cups of pineapple juice with no added sugar.

Lunch on the second day vegetable stew, braised with olive oil. At lunch menu, repeat the previous day. For dinner, boil with herbs and spices chicken breast halves, which eat a boiled egg. Can drink two glasses of pineapple juice with no added sugar.

At lunch the day before to make a salad, cutting two bananas, narwhal lettuce and season with all yogurt. Additional dinner toast of dark bread. For dinner awaits baked potatoes in their skins, the best young, with two glasses of tomato juice without salt.

On the fourth day air diet cook meals that you eat on the first day.

For lunch, eat a quarter of the fifth day of boiled chicken breast with rice, drinking yogurt. At lunch, prepare fruit salad with raisins, and two boiled eggs dinner with a glass of juice from citrus fruits.

In the afternoon of the sixth day awaits buckwheat porridge and steamed vegetables. At lunch low fat cottage cheese with green tea, and dinner grated apple with carrot and green tea.

On the seventh day, repeat the menu of the second day, only for dinner, eat no more than three bananas and a glass of apple juice.

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