Strawberry diet for a week

Strawberry diet for a week
 Every year, when the beds to keep pace queen berries - strawberries, the fair sex preference for a seven-day diet strawberry. During this discharge period may be reset at a minimum, three kilograms overweight.
 In strawberries - the main ingredient of one of the most effective diets for weight loss - contains large amounts of vitamin C, folic acid and other nutrients that strengthen the immune system, uplifting, help fight fatigue, relieves insomnia and even enhancing sexual desire. And as part of this berry contains tannins, strengthens the gums. In view of this, strawberries - not just delicious berry: she is also useful.

Strawberry essence diet is that during each discharge of the day should be eaten on 800 g of berries appetizing. In addition, such a relief program menu includes the following products: honey, chicken or turkey breast, walnuts, corn flakes, low-fat cottage cheese, olive oil, yogurt, sesame seeds, skim milk, etc.

The sine qua non strawberry diet - full of drinking regime. Should drink at least half, and preferably two liters of pure water. As for sweets and pastries, during the diet, they are strictly prohibited.

As with other diets have strawberry relief program has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this diet can be attributed juiciness and taste of berries: strawberries brings a touch of elegance and luxury, even in the most "boring" diet, becoming its "highlight". A downside to the strawberry diet can be attributed the fact that the set of products consumed during the discharge period, has a low energy value, so to sit on such a diet is better during holidays or weekends.

Strawberry diet is suitable not for everyone. From such a relief program better to refrain for those who suffer from joint diseases, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, high blood pressure, as well as allergies.

Re-sit on the strawberry diet can be no earlier than two, or even three months.

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