Pros and cons of the Japanese diet

Pros and cons of the Japanese diet
 Fashion on the diet as fickle as fashion clothing. Each new diet, which appeared on the internet, always a keen interest in women who dream to lose weight. Is no exception and the Japanese diet, which became the subject of intense debate.
 The name itself attracts the attention of the diet, and especially the impression that the diet will consist solely of foods that Japanese eat daily. However, it is not so. If you examine the diet menu, you can see that it consists of vegetable salads (cabbage, carrots), eggs, beef, chicken, fish, yogurt. Surprised by the fact that almost every day during this diet you need for breakfast drink a cup of black coffee. Firstly, this is contrary to the principle that breakfast should be the most hearty of the meals, as it is in the morning the body must get energy for the whole day for normal functioning. And secondly, coffee is a drink that not everyone can drink without causing harm to the body. He does not carry any health benefits. And that is why people suffering from heart problems, you should not resort to this kind of diet.

This diet is ideal for those who can not imagine their menu without meat, because almost every day it is allowed to eat beef or chicken. Also enjoyable moment is the presence in the list of fish that can be boiled or roast.

However, there is some uncertainty as to the menu are not listed hearty. This may give some people will dieters, because of what you can eat more than they should.

Judging from the results that can be obtained through the diet, there is also a lot of controversial issues. Judging by the reviews of those who have already experienced the effect it can be said that the results sometimes quite the opposite: someone really throws a few pounds and feel great, while others, on the contrary, complaining of feeling unwell, and at the same time does not lose any pounds. But here we can say that the effect of any diet on the body individually, and can not pre-approve, it will help or not.

If we talk about the Japanese diet, it should be noted that from her is to give people with health problems. In addition, it is low-calorie, so you should not go on a diet in those periods when you have a lot of work, or you are experiencing emotional stress.

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