Kelly Osbourne: how to lose weight on a stellar technique

Kelly Osbourne: how to lose weight on a stellar technique
 There is probably no such woman, which would not touch the problem of excess weight. Sometimes these experiences are far-fetched, sometimes - folds on the sides and belly sagged really spoil the appearance of forcing a woman to get nervous, looking at his reflection in the mirror. And let psychologists assert that it is necessary to love yourself for who you are - those extra pounds always lower mood and make much doubt its appeal. These questions concern not only ordinary women, world-class stars - the famous actress and singer - also suffer from various problems with their appearance. There are many ways to bring the body in order to make the figure toned and slim. Today women's magazine tells about the diet JustLady Kelly Osbourne, through which this famous girl dropped 20 pounds in a relatively short period of time.

Daughter of cult rock musician Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly never differed miniature size. It is not known that this was the cause: genetic predisposition, a healthy appetite or something else, but the excessKelly Osbourne Weight delivered her a lot of unpleasant experiences. As acknowledged by the singer herself, her life was not a single day that she looked at herself in the mirror and was not upset. The girl tried many diets, but they were all fruitless. Yes, and excerpts from spoiled attention and parental care of Kelly, is clearly not enough. Several failures, followed by treatment in rehabilitation clinics, constant dissatisfaction with their appearance, uncertainty generated by failures in singing career ...Kelly Osbourne Weight clearly prevented the realization of its ambitious plans.

Kelly Osbourne: how to lose weight on a stellar technique

And, suddenly, sensation:Kelly Osbourne lost weight! Postroynevshaya, trim and obviously pleased with her changes have occurred, the young singer appeared on the New York Fashion Week as a model in the show Betsey Johnson. From the former "dumplings" was gone, the singer's appearance has changed dramatically.Kelly Osbourne Weight decreased by almost 20 pounds, causing black and pink hair acquired a glamorous light ashy shade, and gorgeous red dress and shoes on high heels even more stressed charm of a young girl. For all it was a mystery: how could Kelly, who was famous for his "flighty" character (in fact, was one) change so much in a short time. A young Osborne and did not make a secret of his miraculous conversion and told all comers the secrets of their diet - can someone come in handy too!

Diet Kelly Osbourne - to start fall in love!

Love works wonders - in this truth, we are once again convinced by the example of Kelly. Accidentally appeared in the life of a girl Luke Uorall, cute blonde from the modeling agency, immediately turned her thoughts. Fan of fast food, pizza and soft drinks, Miss Osborne revised its gastronomic attachment firmly and irrevocably.

• She said a firm "no" fast food, semi-finished products and fatty foods. Power Kelly includes healthy useful reduced calorie products. The singer prefers to eat steamed or grilled lean meats and poultry, steamed vegetables and cereals. No, she did not give up their favorite pizza, just preparing her now a little differently: trying to make the dough thinner, cheese and sauce to put less. More vegetables and spices - this pizza is unlikely to spoil the figure! Well, if you want too much, then allows himself to drink a glass of sweet drinks - in the end, self-harm anyone else for the benefit did not go.
• There is a Kelly Osbourne diet and on a little secret - the singer certainly eats bedtime something low-calorie: Dietary bread with honey, low-fat yogurt or half an apple. Such "freedom", according to Kelly, she's only going to benefit - products in which there are no fats and carbohydrates normalize metabolism, and sleep on a full stomach much stronger.

Kelly Osbourne: how to lose weight on a stellar technique

Diet Kelly Osbourne - no sedentary!

Of course, lose weight, sticking exclusively to healthy eating is difficult, because it is necessary to not only lose weight, but also make your figure taut and supple skin. Diet must be combined with sports training, they will help to achieve the desired results and prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. Familiarity with the exercise Kelly Osbourne began on the project "Dancing with the Stars", where she was invited as a participant. Daily five-hour training session with a personal trainer have not been in vain - Kelly took third place in the competition and believe, finally, in its capacity!

Kelly Osbourne lost weightBut from the sports activities after the end of the dance project has not given up. So in her life appeared Pilates - kind of fitness, relies not on jumping and active movement, and static, long-lasting muscle load. Vesivshaya three years ago 80 kg Kelly, it is now quite feel comfortable in clothes size 46 and happily poses for the covers of fashion magazines. Singing career began to gain momentum, personal life ... Life in such a beautiful and purposeful girl simply can not be a failure! Secret FormulaKelly Osbourne diet was, oddly enough, is simple: fall in love, to feel the taste of life, stop overeating and exercise regularly - the results will surpass all expectations.

Kelly Osbourne: how to lose weight on a stellar technique

 Svetlana Krutova
Women's magazine JustLady

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