How to choose a diet for the south beach

How to choose a diet for the south beach
 Summer, it's time to going on vacation. For many ladies, he runs away from home and provides an opportunity to show off at the beach or the trendy southern resort. But this should be ready for one hundred percent!

The most important step - it is an effective diet. It is advisable not such as to fast all day and drink some yogurt or tea for weight loss. The decision is still there. It is - in fruit diets that allow to combine business with pleasure, quickly achieve the desired effect and to "fatten" the body with essential vitamins.

Fruits tone, removes waste products, help to cope with cellulite, improve complexion, strengthen hair, nails, teeth. On the merits of fruit diets can talk for hours.

Most often, nutritionists recommend fruit mono-diet, in which you need to have a certain kind of fruit, and drink the juice out of them.

Another option fruit diet is softer and is very popular especially in hot weather - you need to drink as much as possible. And if you wanted to eat, instead of potatoes or pasta with sausage with ketchup should eat or fresh fruit or vegetable salads, or nuts and seeds. This diet allows you to reset the day about a kilogram.

Other nutritionists recommend the opposite - try not to drink at all. Lots of fluids, which can afford 24 hours - is 500 ml (about two cups). However, fluid restriction is filled with all sorts of fruit that can be eaten every day for 1-2 pounds.

As with any diet, fruit (whatever its form you choose) to conduct courses. That is, it is not desirable to stretch a long time. Otherwise, it may begin protein deficiency and acute lack of vitamin B2, as during fruit diet you do not eat meat and dairy products.

In addition, we should not forget that some fruits and berries can cause allergies. If you are prone to this disease, it is best to consult beforehand with your doctor. Lose weight, but then please in a hospital bed instead of holiday - not so pleasant holiday in the summer!

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