How fast to lose weight for the New Year

How fast to lose weight for the New Year
 Very soon will come the New Year, and the women start to think about how to get into your favorite dress. Diets that guarantee rapid weight loss, a lot now, but unfortunately, most of them harmful to health, and then come back the lost weight. However, there are diets that can help you get rid of excess weight is not adjusted to stress your body.  
 Offered yoghurt diet helps lose weight gradually watt without forcing your body to starve. This is important because you will not have to pull the break and eat one's fill - you have almost normal, just that it is a specific set of products.

Yoghurt diet soft and well balanced, its length two weeks - just enough time for you to rejuvenate and postroynet the New Year.

Yogurt is good in that it contains useful for human protein, the most important building material in the diet and strengthen the muscular frame.

Diet yogurt diet

Your task is to eat in a day mandatory 500 grams of fat-free yogurt, which should be divided into three or four stages. Another prerequisite - before a meal drink a half cup of unsweetened tea.

During the "sitting" on this diet, the diet should include cooked lean meat - beef, turkey, rabbit, chicken, beef, greens, berries, dried fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

You can drink unsweetened black / green tea, non-carbonated mineral water, pomegranate, orange, grapefruit, cherry and apple juice.

Eat and drink at different times, to observe a break of 30 minutes. This rule does not apply to mandatory 1/2 cup unsweetened tea before meals.

Indulge in fruit - Eat 300 grams of fresh every day. Forbidden fruits that contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates are: melon, pear, watermelon and grapes.

Make fruit salads and refuel their low-fat yogurt - a great breakfast.

Yoghurt diet is designed for two weeks longer sit on it is not recommended. During this time, you can lose 7-8 pounds and wear on New Year's Eve my favorite dress.

Add to this diet even simple exercise, for example, complex Bodyflex. It will take you just 15 minutes a day, but it will help tighten muscles and bring the body in tone.

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