Diet: recommendations that are indispensable

Diet: recommendations that are indispensable
 Go on a diet - simple, but the "sit" on it - much, much harder. Very often attempts to lose weight urgently end frustrations and disappointments, and in the worst case - a set of extra pounds. To prevent such a poor completion of good intentions and the collapse of hopes for a slender figure, try to understand and help yourself - but not another hunger strike, and the discipline and analysis.

The problem often is disruption in psychological - some depending on certain foods and in laziness - here and so everything is clear. In order not to waste time try to pull myself together and achieve the desired result try a few simple recommendations, with whom diet will be much easier.

Record all

This is a great way to lose weight, especially if the diet is designed for the long term.

Keep a journal - though the paper, though electronic, draw a table in it and entered into it every day details of what you want to achieve, what you ate, how much in these foods contain calories, carbohydrates and fat, how much you drink water, how many times you ate what your volume and weight. And so every day. Diary method is very disciplined and allows you to monitor the situation, how it develops and what are your achievements.

And if you need it?

Go on a diet - it is quite responsible, because it requires a change in dietary habits and many restrictions. Ask yourself whether you need to lose weight and for what? If you do not have a clear answer to this question - do not sit on a diet, it will be useless. Make up your mind to it only if the firm you know why you need it.

Goals should be clear and incremental

Put yourself clear goals and follow them step by step. For example, do not set a goal to lose weight by 20 pounds for an indefinite period. Set a goal to lose 5 pounds in the next month. Then, reaching this goal, put the following - to lose weight by 5 pounds in the next month. And so on. Your success will be an excellent incentive and a solid schedule will be disciplined.

Do not run ahead of the engine

Long-term diets involve gradual weight loss. Do not expect that for the next two days you will lose weight by 10 pounds. That will not happen, but in vain expectations can make you quit the diet. Do not need to do - be prepared for the fact that you will lose weight slowly but surely.

The diet should be useful

Yes, that's right. Indeed, diet food should be balanced and include nutrients. Otherwise, the body will begin to resist and not to burn fat and muscle tissue - and slow weight loss.

Suffer, Cossack, and then ...

Once you have found your diet - follow it correctly. Even if you are bored, or seem that critical weight has dropped and you can relax - think of it, there are only a few kilogrammchikov ... No, it can not be done. Therefore, choosing a diet, try to pick one that would suit you in every way.

Drink - lots and correctly

Try to drink plenty of plain or mineral water without gas. All kinds gazirovok especially sweet to drink can not - they are very high in calories, even those that say "light."

Do not have to starve

Forbid yourself snacking between meals. Allow yourself a snack vegetables are especially good for those snacking green vegetables.

Eat with pleasure

And for this - do not be lazy to cook their own diets. Everything is included in the diet allowed your diet should be delicious for you - it will be much easier to endure marathon diet.

Do not promise

Needless to say myself that "never again" will not have a favorite high-calorie foods - chocolate, ice cream, chips, pistachio. Strict prohibition always makes you want to break it. Especially, your diet will not last forever, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite foods.

Failures happen at all - and they are

Sometimes even the most disciplined people case of failure: a hard day, stress, chronic fatigue, depression may trigger the desire to "seize" or "drink" of alcohol in a bad mood. If this happens - give yourself the opportunity to relax and do not scold yourself for violation of the diet. The next day, quietly pull yourself together and keep it.

Physical activity

Even hiking in the fresh air. Well, if you train yourself to regularly perform simple physical exercises - this will cause the body to expend more energy, and hence the process of weight loss will occur faster.

And a little bit of beauty

To and during the diet to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, try to balance your diet so that your diet must have been: dairy products, fish, tomato, pomegranate and pineapple juice, poultry, fruits and vegetables - in fact except for a slim figure you still need thick, shiny hair, fresh skin and beautiful nails.

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