Diet Professor Osama Hamdy

Diet Professor Osama Hamdy
 Professor Osama Hamdy, who developed the diet for very obese people explains its effectiveness complex chemical processes that occur in the human body by eating certain foods in a clear sequence. Scientists say that if you strictly follow its recommendations, it is possible to lose weight in the past month by more than two dozen kilograms.
 Although the author diet claims that it is suitable for all ages and is perfectly balanced, you must understand that this weight loss - a heavy load and stress on the body. So, before you take on an unusual diet for you, be sure to consult your doctor. And if you suffer from any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, such a diet is better not to start.

Such a diet can be called a very tough: there need only what is prescribed in the order listed; if you do not like something, exclude it from the menu, but nothing can replace! And if you happen to eat something extra, you can start the diet again. Hungry laceration can be swept away the wave, just chewing a carrot or cucumber, and even then not before a couple of hours after eating. No fats are not allowed.

Should drink a lot, to 2, 5 liters, allowed even diet sodas, tea or coffee without sugar.

Prerequisite - have at one time only one type of fruit or vegetable, and the word "vegetables" means cooked zucchini, eggplant, zucchini, squash, beans, peas, carrots; forbidden fruit to eat grapes, bananas, mangoes, figs and dates. Lamb and fatty meats can not be there. Boiled eggs are cooked. The meat is fried or boiled.

A diet designed for 4 weeks. If no value portion, then there can be any number.

I Week: for breakfast every day half an orange or a grapefruit and a couple of eggs.
1.Obed: fruit. Dinner: meat without fat.
2.Obed chicken without the skin. Dinner: two eggs, salad (tomato, cucumber salad, carrots, peppers), oranges.
3.Obed: cheese, tomatoes, slice of bread. Dinner: meat.
4.Obed: fruit. Dinner: meat, lettuce (leaf).
5.Obed: boiled vegetables, a couple of eggs. Dinner: fish, salad, orange or grapefruit.
6.Obed: fruit. Dinner: meat, salad.
7.Obed: chicken, tomatoes, vegetables, orange. Dinner: vegetables.

Week II: breakfast is the same as last week.
1.Obed: a couple of eggs, salad. Dinner: a couple of eggs, orange or grapefruit.
2.Obed: meat, salad. Dinner: a couple of eggs, orange or grapefruit.
3.Obed: meat, cucumbers. Dinner: a couple of eggs, orange or grapefruit.
4.Obed: a couple of eggs, cheese, vegetables. Dinner: a couple of eggs.
5.Obed: fish. For dinner: a pair of eggs.
6.Obed meat, tomatoes, orange. Dinner: a mixture of fruit.
7.Obed: chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit. Dinner: tomatoes, chicken, grapefruit.

III Week: diet for the day, named products - in any quantity.
1.Frukty in any combination.
2.Ovoschi and salads.
3.Frukty, vegetables, salads.
4.Ryba vegetables.
5.Myaso or chicken, vegetables.
6-7.Odin kind of fruit.

IV week: products are distributed throughout the day.
1.4 slices of meat or a quarter chicken, tuna from a jar without oil or boiled fish, three tomatoes, four cucumber, slice of bread, orange.
2.Do 0, 5 kg of meat, cucumber 4, 3 tomatoes, bread, fruit.
3.Lozhka cottage cheese, 200 grams of vegetables, bread, 2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, grapefruit.
4.Pol chicken, 2 cucumber, 2 tomatoes, bread, orange or grapefruit, fruit.
5.Salat, a couple of eggs, 3 tomatoes, orange.
6.2 bacon chicken, 125 grams of cheese or feta cheese, bread, yogurt, 2 cucumber, 2 tomatoes, orange.
7.Lozhka cottage cheese, tuna from a jar without oil, 2 cucumber, 2 tomatoes, 200 g of vegetables, bread, grapefruit.

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