Zhanna Friske diet: how to come to a perfect shape

Zhanna Friske diet: how to come to a perfect shape
 Probably not need to explain who this Zhanna Friske. Although it is worth noting that this wonderful woman manages to be beautiful and sexy despite all the fashion trends that offer women starve themselves to finding harmony.

Of course, Jeanne also adheres to a certain diet and go to the gym. But believes that everything is good in moderation and should not engage in self-torture, in order to earn anorexia and fall to the ground at the slightest gust of wind. Singer diet can be described as gentle, that is, allowing permit small weaknesses.

The actress claims that in younger years, not once sat on a rigid diet. But, unfortunately, none of them has produced the desired effect. So now the singer practiced separation and proper nutrition. At the same time, sometimes indulging in innocent pleasure - a small bun. She assures me that sometimes these weaknesses are permissible. Just a day you need to enhance physical activity.

Diets by Janna Friske not one, but several. One relates to the therapeutic power. Designed diet for 7 days and allows for this time to get rid of a few kilograms. The trick lies in a separate feed. You simply should never be mixed in the same meal proteins and carbohydrates. Drinking is allowed only green tea and non-carbonated mineral water. From the diet at this time is necessary to completely eliminate the black tea, coffee, juice, pastry and sweet foods. Dinner is really the last meal no later than 18 hours.

There is another version of the diet of Jeanne. In this embodiment, the use of meat should be limited to three days a week. But once a week is allowed a small amount of sweets.

The effect of the application of such a diet stunning. And if you decide to try to lose a few pounds, then try. You risk nothing - in fact, this diet does not contain anything that could be bad for your health. The more so because of the dangers of soft drinks and the use of separate kitchen discussed many times.

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