Yoghurt diet before beach season

Yoghurt diet before beach season
 A lot of women think about how to lose weight in a short time without much harm to health, to look stunning on the beach, at a party or in the gym. Diet for rapid weight loss should combine efficacy and safety for the body, and these criteria fully comply with yoghurt diet, with which you can quite quickly lose those extra pounds.

Yoghurt diet is balanced and healthy, and, despite the fact that it requires giving up sweets, fatty and fried, each girl will be able to get on it at least a thousand calories a day.

In this diet the main component - is low-fat yoghurt which is present in every meal. This product is simply irreplaceable in diets: it is very easily digested and also carries a lot of useful and necessary elements and bacteria, helps stave off hunger, and most importantly - allows you to lose weight without losing femininity and sexuality forms!

In addition, the yogurt is not only delicious, but also helps to normalize digestion. In the yogurt diet everyone can choose the appropriate menu, alternating different breakfasts, lunches and dinners for a few days. Let's look at examples of the diet that you can use every day.

For breakfast, eat daily serving of low-fat yogurt, supplemented with 40g of oatmeal and half a cup of drink fresh fruit juice. Another option menu for breakfast - cup of coffee without sugar, two bread with bran and serving of yogurt with fruit pieces. Also, instead of coffee for breakfast you can enjoy a glass of green tea without sugar, eat any fruit and a portion of yogurt.

Lunch should be more dense than breakfast - for example, it may be a small portion of pasta from durum wheat with low-fat yogurt dressing. Instead of salt in the pasta, you can add finely chopped pickles and canned fish. Pasta can be replaced by rice and canned fish - salad with vegetable oil. Also in the figure, you can add a little grated cheese, and as a side dish to eat a salad of cucumber with low-fat yogurt. Portions of rice or pasta should not exceed 50-60 g

For dinner, prepare a fruit salad, season it with yogurt and add a slice of bread with bran. Also, as the dinner you can eat 80 grams of tuna, a boiled potato and a cocktail of yogurt with fruit juice.

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