Whether or not to drink diet pills?

 Which means choose to not overpay and get a result? This question we asked a senior researcher at the State Research Center for Preventive Medicine, Galina Kholmogorova.

If Thaidiet pills already become a household name for the identification of hazardous dietary supplements of this kind, then replace them every now and then come more and more money. They promise a quick effect, rejuvenation, removal of toxins, cleansing the blood, improving the effect of the diet. Whether or not to resort toDiet PillsOr should abandon questionable medication? Seek the advice of professionals.

"No! For several years, such as in the United States banned the sale without prescription of anyslimming.
This was done at the insistence of the doctors, because the uncontrolled use of these supposedly miracle drugs leads to serious disorders, both physical and mental health.
What is sold to us under the guise of "food of the American astronauts" or "elixir of Tibetan monks," for the most part did not pass any of biochemical tests in Russia, and sometimes that does not have any documents and permission to use.

Some tools, so-calledslimming teasAre the usual laxative fees. Of course, when a person has an ongoing diarrhea, he will naturally lose weight. However, it is removed from the body is constantly necessary for his life substance.

Therefore, firstly, the answer to your question whether you need to lose weight at all?

Secondly, if you are overweight, then let the doctor identify the cause, set the type of obesity and in accordance with the will prescribe individualized treatment.

Third, if you do not want to burden themselves with the campaigns to the doctor, I advise you to comply strictly with the banal rule: eat less and move more. That's all.

Yulia Alexeeva

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