What to eat to lose weight

What to eat to lose weight
 Fatty meats, fried and spicy food, hamburgers, soft drinks, semi-finished products, and much more - this is what forms the basis of the diet of many people today. Naturally, such a food affects their weight. Those who think about how to lose weight, but stay well fed and in good spirits should listen to the opinions of scientists. More and more nutritionists say that you need to eat in order to lose weight. But need to know what and when to eat a meal.

When properly selected power supply system can be absolutely no experience feelings of hunger, while the body will be full of vigor and energy by producing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. So what is the proper nutrition?

Firstly, it is necessary to give up fatty, salty, spicy, smoked food. Avoid the use of convenience foods, fast food and other similar food. Secondly, it should enter into the diet more greens and vegetables. These products contain fiber, which is digested slowly, ie people experiencing longer feeling of satiety. Fiber helps lower insulin and its excessive content promotes the formation of excess fat. Furthermore, in many plant foods contain fibers that promote bowel cleansing of toxins. Better, of course, use the vegetables from his garden, as they are more useful than similar products sold in stores.

If we talk about the amount of vegetables and greens in their diet, they should leave up to 60% of the daily diet. Many people think that vegetable dishes taste good and non-nutritive. This is not true. Today on the Internet, in cookbooks can find a lot of recipes for delicious and healthy vegetable dishes.

If you want to lose weight, and at the same time to give your body the necessary substance to it, do not forget about the animal protein. Lean pork, beef, chicken, turkey and other meats must include in your menu. But fish can have a pretty fat. In this fish contains omega-3, which has a positive impact on many processes in the body. For example, this material contributes to the improvement of blood flow that prevents the formation of thrombi of cholesterol. Regular consumption of fish dishes is a good prevention against stroke.

To lose weight, you should reduce the consumption of sweet and starchy foods. If you can not live without bread, it is better to replace it with varieties made from bran, without the use of yeast or bread roll. Sweet can replace fruits and dried fruits. If you want to eat something such, it is best to choose marshmallows, candy, fruit candy. These products are harmless to most figures. You can sometimes even afford a piece of chocolate, because He is an excellent antidepressant. But they should not get involved enough to eat just one slice of this delicacy. And it is better to choose the bitter chocolates.

Eat more fluid. But you should not drink sugary and fizzy drinks. They quickly raise blood sugar, and saturated and benefit from them no no. Better to drink mineral water or ordinary green tea. Useful to use sour milk drinks, as they normalize the intestinal microflora.

To get rid of extra pounds and diet is important. It is better to eat more often, but small portions. So you simply will not have time to get hungry. If you feel the urge something to eat, drink a glass of water first, because Many often confuse thirst with hunger.

Always breakfast. This meal should be the main use of calories. Good morning have dishes made from cereals, cheese, fruit, ie those products which are rich in carbohydrates. And carbohydrates - a source of energy for our body.

Lunch should also be quite hearty, so you can easily live up to dinner. Therefore, we can have meat, fish, vegetable dishes. But the dinner, it is desirable to make easy. It should account for about 20% of daily calories, but, unfortunately, for many people, dinner is the main meal. But even in this case, you can prepare dishes from low-calorie foods.

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