Pros and cons of pineapple diet

 Pineapple diet can actually be effective - you need only to apply to it a special approach. How to do it?  

In the 90s of last century in our country started a boom in pineapple.

The Foreign Fruit suddenly become an integral part of many different diets. The secret of this success is due to a sudden very simple: in a pineapple was discovered a unique enzyme bromelain that breaks down complex lipids. This discovery immediately benefited from various manufacturers "fat burners".

In the Russian market there was a weight of drugs based on the extract of pineapple. The motto of the advertising campaigns was the assertion that "1 g bromelain cleaves 900 grams of fat." Before such a psychological attack could resist only a few, and the vast majority of women who dream to lose weight instantly believed in fruit slimming effect. However, the result ananasoterapii was not at stunning as expected. The lion's share of lovers of exotic fruit remains, as they say, "with its".

Should not be surprised at this: after all the rumors about the miraculous properties of bromelain are greatly exaggerated. The fact that the enzyme possesses proteolytic activity only, i.e. only cleaves proteins. Fat pineapple acts as an exchange to a very small extent.

Despite this, the write off bromelain is not necessary. Indeed, in the intestinal lumen its enzymatic activity is maintained for a long time. And it works to digest food very well. Especially good bromelain helps to cope with fish, meat, dairy products and legumes. So sumptuous meals can be washed down with pineapple juice or jam slice of fresh pineapple. This will prevent the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and helps quickly assimilate protein foods.

In addition, the pineapple has the property to extinguish hunger. Therefore, those who regularly include in your diet pineapple, truly different "bird" appetite. Nutritionists allow for the possibility of handling pineapple days a week: kilogram of fruit is divided into 3-4 receptions. During the day, this diet a person loses 500 to 700

But write it off on bromelain is not necessary: ​​just nutritional value of 100 grams of pineapple does not exceed 48 kcal. This "unloading" is contraindicated for people with peptic ulcer disease and those who suffer from acidity of gastric juice. Everyone else can without fear of recourse to ananasoterapii. Only need to remember that after the fruit need to rinse your mouth with water, because the acid contained in it erodes tooth enamel.

Besides fasting days, you can arrange pineapple-protein diet. Observe it should be at least two weeks. Allowed to eat pineapple, mushrooms and meat, as well as unsweetened fruit and vegetables.

Let's get started. Pineapple a day can eat 600-700 grams of meat - 200-300 g Thus it is necessary to choose low-fat varieties, such as rabbit, veal and turkey. But the best pork tenderloin just need to choose, completely devoid of fatty layers. Then the dish will turn out quite dietary.

Before cooking meat, we recommend marinate it in a pineapple. After all, bromelain, and fruit acids to split all the stiffness. Just a few hours the meat is perfectly soft and gentle.

Remember, all dishes are prepared without the addition of oil. Their nutritional value is determined only proteins and carbohydrates, fats as there are few. This fully corresponds to the dietary rules. Within two weeks of moderate power pineapple, you can easily lose 3-5 kg.

Pineapple Chicken

Boil a chicken breast, cut it into cubes. Mix with canned pineapple and mushrooms. As such salad dressing is possible to use a small amount of pineapple syrup remaining in the pot. It is necessary to squeeze out a quarter of a lemon and add a little black pepper.


Baking circles lay fresh or canned pineapple. They put the slices of pork on top of their flatten the same pineapple slices, which lie underneath. Bake this fruit and meat structure for 40 minutes. The dish turns out very tasty, it is possible to say - exquisite. And, of course, dietary.

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