Multi-colored oriental diet

 Different colors affect us in different ways. Red and yellow warm and stimulating. Turquoise, blue and purple - cool and calm. GREEN creates balance and harmony. Our food has a similar effect.  

Each color has its own frequency energy fluctuations. And every organ of the body corresponds to a specific color. Following the "colorful" diet, you will receive all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Red foods (tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, etc.) fill us with energy. Improves digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. Red stimulates to achieve goals in life, gives courage, strength and self-confidence. You can get rid of depression, adding to the diet of red products. Red stimulates the adrenal glands, is indispensable for people suffering from anemia (anemia), disorders of the blood and for those who are always freezing.

Orange foods (carrots, oranges, sea buckthorn, peaches, apricots, melon, orange squash and pumpkins) also energize, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and digestion. Orange - warming color, radiating joy and gets rid of negative emotions. It is connected with our sexuality, and sexual organs. Orange makes us more sociable, optimistic and creative people, new ideas are born. He is good for physical and mental development, a positive effect on the digestive organs.

YELLOW - a cheerful color, surrounding us with warmth, joy and laughter, forcing easier to look at life. With it comes the knowledge and wisdom, it helps us to expand my horizons. Yellow need for maintenance of the nervous system, it is connected directly with the digestive process, liver and intestine. Yellow product (yellow plum and cherry plum, peppers and squash, yellow raspberries, bananas, millet) provide brain activity, developing thinking, so it is important to include them in the diet during the study. Thanks to the cleansing properties that color improves skin condition. It can be help for diseases related to the nervous system.

GREEN brings peace, balance and harmony in our system. Strongly affects the heart and blood pressure, helps to calm the nerves and improve lung function, it brings a sense of novelty and freedom of spirit, helps get rid of stress, emotional strain and headaches. Green foods, including fruits and vegetables, very much, and all of them desirable as often as possible to include in your diet.

PURPLE is very closely linked with our intuition and spirituality. VIOLET PRODUCTS (eggplant, beets, blue plum, dark grapes) improve thinking (contemplation) and spiritual life, enhance and maintain the central nervous system and brain, as well as very important for mental health. It's very calm color. It is especially important at night to relax the mind and body before going to bed is essential for insomniacs.

BROWN correlated with the "third eye". He brings clarity to our lives and really allows us to see better. Brown is responsible for such human qualities as compassion, care and honesty. Color "controls" the thyroid gland affects the mental and physical abilities, affects the eyes and ears. Increase brown food consumption (in particular, buckwheat, tea, coffee, cocoa, etc.) should be in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and lungs and skin.

Because different colors have different effects on us, it is best to focus on the defined color at a certain time. For example, in the evening and at night soothing and relaxing purple is more appropriate than the exciting red. Refreshing green and yellow are ideal for the morning. Orange and red will provide you with the necessary energy for the whole day.

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