Macrobiotic diet: for or against?

Macrobiotic diet: for or against?
 Macrobiotic diet - a diet oriented slim body for the benefit of mental and physical health. The basis of this technique is that you can use only those products that are typical for the area. It is worth noting that mikrobiotika - rather, it is a way of life, the meaning of which is internal harmony, unity of man and nature.
 The macrobiotic diet is based on several key principles:

Foods that you eat should be natural - it is one of the main conditions. Of course, this does not mean that you have to go right up their own garden and grow only organic vegetables and fruits, even without using fertilizers. Remember, when you buy food, pay attention to their composition. In no case do not purchase food with the contents of various preservatives, flavor enhancers and chemical dyes. From semi-finished products also have to give.

Fruits and vegetables
Adhering to the macrobiotic diet, should eat what grows on the ground in your area. For example, extremely tasty and nutritious meals can be prepared from the color and the usual cabbage, pumpkins and even carrots. Of course, do not forget that vegetables should be eaten either raw or pre-steamed. In this case, zucchini, tomatoes, beets and potatoes are prohibited, as it is believed that these products have a negative impact on our body. Incidentally, the true followers of this diet and refuse from the consumption of fruit, but it is not a prerequisite. Of course, should be excluded from the diet of a variety of tropical fruits: bananas, oranges, kiwi, pineapple et al., Of course, if you do not live somewhere in Africa.

Cereals and cereal
This is the most important product in the macrobiotic diet. The main condition - eat cereals from whole grains: rye, buckwheat, wheat, brown rice and oats. With their participation can make a variety of soups (natural light), tasty and healthy porridge (with no added sugar and milk). Bread choose from grain, meal, and, of course, do not abuse them.

Macrobiotic diet excludes the consumption of meat, so many prefer dishes with seafood. After all, unlike meat, fish much easier digested.

On the fragrant blends of flavor enhancers and flavorings have to forget. Fresh horseradish, chives, dill and parsley - this condiment, which could and should be eaten, not to harm their health. By the way, ordinary salt will also have to be deleted, only stone and sea are suitable for cooking in reasonable quantities.

Honey, sugar, sweets and chocolates are not suitable for macrobiotic diet, because its aim is not only to lose weight, but also to bring health in order. But you can treat yourself nuts, dried fruit, and very useful pumpkin seeds.

Most importantly, before you start to eat on a macrobiotic diet, you should consult with a specialist. Each person is different, and sometimes what suits one, absolutely contraindicated others.

 Author: Albert Sirastimov

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