Israeli diet

Israeli diet
 Most modern women at least once in his life faced with the problem of excess weight. Today, there are lots of ways to deal with excess weight, including diet and grueling hours of physical exercise. But in fact, there are quite simple methods of weight loss, such as the Israeli diet.
 Israeli power system will allow you to lose 2-3 kilos a month. Nutritionists believe that the basis of the system - well-formed diet. The whole diet is not based on the exclusion of any products from the diet or decrease the amount of calories, and their correct use.

Israeli diet will help you not only get rid of a pair of extra pounds, but also to normalize metabolism, failures which in most cases leads to excessive weight. You will also be able to completely clean your body of toxins and other harmful substances. Overall health will improve dramatically as you feel.

There are a few rules of combination products, which it is necessary to adhere to the diet. For example, eggs, meat and cheese can be eaten only with green vegetables. It is strictly forbidden to use these products with acidic fruits, milk, sour cream, vegetable oil, cream and products containing starch. With green vegetables are perfectly combined and fish products.

If you like milk, remember that it should be used separately, as milk proteins do not mix with other products. Dishes, which contain large amounts of fat, it is useful to use together with green vegetables and grain products. Sour and sweet fruits are best eaten separately. Drink just pure non-carbonated water, preferably boiled. As for beverages such as juices, yogurt or milk, they are considered food.

Approximate diet is as follows:

- In the morning, drink a spoonful of olive oil.
- After 15-20 minutes, allowed to drink one glass of kefir or yogurt.
- First breakfast consists of vegetable salad, oatmeal or buckwheat. Can eat cottage cheese or boiled egg. Drink water or green tea without sugar.
- Your lunch should consist of 300 grams of unsweetened fruit.
- Dine vegetable soup or soup. On the second you can eat meat, steamed, baked and boiled or fish. Complement all possible slice of black bread, and a dessert baked apple.
- Snack consists of 300 grams is not too sweet fruit.
- For dinner, a glass of kefir or yogurt.

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