How to lose weight on a raw food diet

How to lose weight on a raw food diet
 Raw food diet is a system of power based on the use of products exclusively in its raw form. Lose weight using this rigid form of vegetarianism, it is possible. It is only necessary to limit the intake of sweet and high-calorie food.

Explain why manages to lose weight, using only raw food products, is simple enough. The basis of the power system up raw food diet fruits and vegetables in their raw form, which are known to represent a tissue, hence the feeling of hunger will be eliminated relatively quickly. Fiber fills the stomach, and there is no longer want. In such a low-calorie food and carbohydrate addition, many consume it is unlikely to succeed.

It is known that the raw fruit rapidly digested in the body, this is usually one hour. As for vegetables, their digestion time, usually no more than four hours. That is why fat can not be postponed.

Start to eat raw food system better in the summer, when a lot of vegetables and fruits. It is recommended at first to eat raw fruits and vegetables are not more than two days in a row, you can later renew such a diet for a week, and then a month.

The transition to a completely full meals raw food implies the exclusion of potentially harmful products, can not eat food with stabilizers, preservatives and emulsifiers, drinking coffee and alcohol, have cooked food. At first move to the third raw foods, then try to give up fried and canned foods. The next step would be to avoid meat, fish and dairy products.

Not necessarily follow all the above rules, each person can choose for themselves their course of action, it is important that you are properly adjusted in terms of psychology. Lose weight on a raw food diet can not be a system with bad thoughts, you have set yourself up to win.

Rejoice little luck, the weight will gradually recede as feel comfortable you do not start from the first days of using the raw food diet. It will take time before your body starts to feel the lightness after meals with plenty of vitamins, because your body will have to survive the global restructuring and adapt to the new conditions of existence.

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