How to lose weight, if you want to eat?

 Lose weight is a huge problem, recover, too. Science is powerless to help them both. But the advice of people involved in this problem, it can be useful. Nutritionist Svetlana Larionov talks about how to trick your appetite?

Never eat standing upYou eat is much greater.

If before a meal to drink a glass of tomato juice or mineral water needed to stave off hunger portions reduced by one third.

The emergence of appetite contributes to coffee, so it is better to limit the rate of up to two cups of sugar.

The main enemy of appetite - garlic. Do not be put off by its smell. You can just swallow a clove of garlic a day without chewing. He will take all disease-causing microbes and help cope with an appetite.

If hunger is not retreating, szhuyte one teaspoon of milk powder.

Apples should be eaten completely, along with grains. In grains of one apple contains a daily dose of iodine, as he is known, inhibits the urge to eat.

Those who are inclined to overeat, try replacing the three-time meal for five meals. Feeling hungry, do not panic, drink kefir or yogurt.

Never give up breakfast. He stirred the system metabolism and helps burn fat. Eat breakfast. In that case, if you skip breakfast, you will lower your metabolic rate by 5%. The morning portion of oatmeal, yogurt and fruit are the optimal ratio of protein / carbs and normalize metabolism. Eat protein at every meal. Protein not only nourishes, but also promotes the exchange of ...

For breakfast cook porridge with milk: When cool, add the cottage cheese or yogurt thick, bananas, apples or pears. Can be consumed as a hot or cold. For those who can not live without tips: 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup of milk, 50 g of cottage cheese, bananas, apples or pears.

Eat protein at every meal. Protein not only saturates but also stimulates metabolism. Good sources of protein include fish, lean meat, poultry and legumes. In this case, it would be good to know your biorhythm - Chronobiology advanced medicine research in understanding the mechanism of various diseases.

At dinner, no later than two hours before bedtime, eat some vegetables and a piece of meat. An amino acid found in meat during sleep activate the hormones that burn fat.

Postprandial never linger at the table. A short walk after a meal, even a five-minute, add a sense of satiety.

Drink green tea

Swiss researchers have shown that the majority of people who drank three cups of green tea daily, daily burnt additional 80 calories. Flavonoids in tea, increase the efficiency of the digestive system. Green tea found powerful antioxidants, effectively protecting the genetic apparatus of living cells from free radicals. Studies have shown that green tea contains substances that neutralize free radicals in the three and a half times more potent than resveratrol in red wine. Even more, a few dozen times, tea compares favorably with such well-known antioxidants such as vitamin E and C.

And here is another suggestion - from Scotland. Doctors of one of the health centers in Glasgow have found a new way to help his patients lose weight. Now they send e-mail messages that motivate a person to sit on a diet. In a pilot project called Emotivity, already involved 100 people suffering from obesity. Half of them receive regular emails about proper nutrition and exercise necessary, and the remaining provisions of dietitians perform independently and without unnecessary reminders. Thus, the computer is a source of information and consultation center for both struggling with being overweight. In the future, the project managers plan to create a special scheme for those who do not have access to computers and the Internet at home.

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