How to keep weight after weight loss

How to keep weight after weight loss
 So, it happened! You lost weight! Dropped their hated 5, 10 or 15 pounds. And is now in a state of euphoria. But after a few days you can understand that the most difficult thing is still to come. Because now you have to hold the weight permanently.  

Hold the weight easier if you lose it gradually. If you were sitting on a rigid diet and not out of gyms, you will be much more difficult. Because the body will create reserves in the form of excess weight. Thus he prepares for the next period of starvation.

But it can hold the weight in any case. And it will take willpower. Have to a large extent to limit myself, but the result is always your slim and beautiful figure. Surely for this can and try.

That the weight does not come back, you need to follow dietary restrictions. But not as hard as usual diet. Enough to eat and not to eat unhealthy foods. Some food does not bring any body of nutrients, just calories. These include a variety of fast foods, candy, sweet baked goods, chewing gum and most snack products. Avoid them at all.

Last time eating at least three hours before bedtime. Even better five. But if hunger becomes unbearable, eat and at bedtime, just a low-calorie, such as yogurt, apple, sauerkraut (she is also very useful for the organism), yogurt, cucumber and grapefruit.

Snack between meals. Just do not do it out of a full meal. It will be enough to eat an apple or drink a glass of milk products with little fat. This is to satisfy hunger and are not allowed to eat too much. Try to eat high-calorie foods in the first half of the day.

Lead an active life, spend less time on the computer or TV. Exercise. Not necessarily go to the gym every day. You can do this once a week. Several times a week to do a five-minute warm-up. For example, squats, swings his arms and legs, bending.

More you walk. Limit your use of transport. After the holidays, make fasting day. And do not relax for a minute. If you give yourself a favor, it can respond overweight or centimeters.

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