How not to gain weight during the holidays

How not to gain weight during the holidays
 New Year - this is one of the favorite holiday for many people. Waiting for a miracle combined with anticipation abundant feast and meeting friends. Since the celebration lasts for several weeks, the problem of how not to gain weight during the Christmas holidays, quite relevant.
 Abandon the temptations of Christmas is hard enough, and not always convenient. In addition, sit at the dinner table with a sad face and watch as the rest with pleasure tasting pickles, just do not feel like it. In order to keep the figure for the New Year, it is necessary to adhere to clear rules.

Firstly, it must be remembered that a huge amount of calories in the body delivers alcohol. No wonder nutritionists call them "empty", the benefits of receiving any, and excess weight is typed, since the body is still where to get those extra carbs. Therefore, in order to avoid getting fat during the holidays, it is desirable to be limited to one or two glasses and not to abuse alcohol.

Secondly, it is necessary to control the amount of food eaten. It is sufficient to initially fill your plate desired dishes and not to impose supplements. So you can keep your appetite in one dish. After such a hearty dinner, breakfast and lunch the next desirable to make the light, consisting of fruits and vegetables.

Third, it is desirable to give up eating bread and hearty side dishes. On the festive table is usually quite a lot of delicious dishes and above normal caloric almost inevitable. Bread and mashed potatoes add extra carbohydrates that will be deposited in fat.

Another method is not getting fat during the holidays regard to the composition of dishes. Simply reducing caloric of prepared salads, just replacing mayonnaise low-fat sour cream. If it seems like the taste of it will change too much, you can mix the mayonnaise with sour cream in equal shares. Even this will help make the dish less nutritious.

So do not worry that the new year and the figure are incompatible. In fact, everything depends on the sense of self-control and the desire to keep the weight on the existing level.

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