Heart Diet

 Diet is an excellent tool for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and is used as a means of reducing the load on the heart, reduce cholesterol levels and blood sodium salts. Nevertheless, this does not apply to diet treatment, although in general relies on the same principles. It is designed for healthy, but leading a wrong way of life. Its main task - to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in the future. Including through the reduction of excess weight, which is one of the risk factors.

To achieve the desired results, we recommend every month for a week to limit themselves to the use of some products, salt and sugar. Do not eat fried foods, it is better to boil or bake them. The duration of cardiac diet for 1-2 weeks.

Forbidden foods and dishes: fat meat, fish; meat products with a lot of salt (bacon, ham, sausage, canned meat, smoked); Smoked and salted fish, fish sticks, canned fish; soups, main dishes fast food, bouillon cubes; canned sauces, pickles, mayonnaise; margarine and cheese; chips, nuts and crackers with salt; fat whole milk, cream, creams; pastry, pastry with lots of sugar; spirits, beer; lemonade, cola and other carbonated beverages (except mineral water).

Recommended products: lean meat, white meat chicken, lean fish (especially recommended saffron cod); low-fat milk and milk products; any fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dried fruits; nuts and seeds; rye or whole wheat bread and bread with bran; fruit and vegetable juices, berry fruit drinks, broth hips; sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin, sorbitol) in small quantities.

Sample menu

1st day
Breakfast: corn porridge with milk and fruit pieces and sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, orange juice (1 cup).
Lunch: soup of fresh vegetables with rye crackers.
Dinner: chicken casserole with unpolished rice and green steamed vegetables.
At night: a decoction of rose hips (1 cup).

Day 2
Breakfast: toast with jam, herbal tea with honey.
Lunch: sandwich with a salad of chicken, cooked without skin, on whole grain bread.
Dinner: boiled trout with steamed vegetables and potatoes cooked in their skins.
At night: ryazhenka (1 cup).

Day 3
Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad with low-fat natural yoghurt.
Lunch: Chicken salad with corn and cabbage with olive oil.
Dinner: pasta with tomato sauce and sesame seeds.
At night: a decoction of rose hips (1 cup).

4th day
Breakfast: cereal with low-fat sugar-free natural yoghurt.
Lunch: sardines on toast bread with fruit juice (1 cup).
Dinner: stewed chicken with raw vegetables.
At night: herbal tea (1 cup).

Day 5
Breakfast: fruit compote of dried fruits (1 cup), a slice of cheese.
Lunch: vegetable cutlet with mashed potatoes, vegetable juice (1 cup).
Dinner: baked cod, sprinkled with fresh tomatoes.
At night: yogurt (1 cup).

6th day
Breakfast: oatmeal with milk and raisins, nuts and dried apricots.
Lunch: salad of lentils with wheat sprouts with olive oil, toast with cheese.
Dinner: Pasta with sauce of sour cream and low-fat mushrooms.
At night: yogurt (1 cup).

7th day
Breakfast: toast with cottage cheese and fresh fruit.
Lunch: potato stuffed with cheese, tuna and sweet corn, garnished with lettuce.
Dinner: bean casserole with vegetables.
At night: a decoction of rose hips (1 cup).

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