Eat, ladies, fruits: 7 Rules fruit diet

Eat, ladies, fruits: 7 Rules fruit diet
 How often women in the fight against overweight harass a brutal diets, following which can not be fat, sweet, flour, salted, smoked, fried, starchy ... Do not eat after 18 hours, you can not make snacking between meals, in general, some restrictions! However, scientists have found that much more effective the wrong diet, which "can not" and those that "can", in other words, positive diet. And, perhaps, the most useful of the positive diet - fruit.

Fruit essence diet is consumed to preferably fruit. In any form: fresh, dried, canned and frozen. The rest of the food on the menu should be a much smaller proportion of the diet. No specific figures does not establish such a diet: it is possible, as you want, while meals are also not regulated, the ban on individual products is not provided.

The use of a fruit diet is determined by the presence of carbohydrates in fruits, which provide energy, vitamins, organic acids and minerals needed to maintain the metabolic processes in the body, ballast substances, cleanses the body, volatile, which suppress pathogens. Fruits contain virtually no fat, which contributes to progressive weight loss. Proteins needed by the body, on a fruit diet replenished use a small amount of nuts and dairy products, lean meat.

To help the ladies decided to try a fruit diet, here are 7 of its basic rules:

Pravilo№1. Cakes and other high-calorie hazard replace fruit desserts. In any case, calories they will be much less.

Pravilo№2. Always carry some fruit for a snack, for example, wear an apple in her purse. After eating the fruit, you stop the hunger that will insure you from overeating at lunch or dinner.

Pravilo№3. At a late hour, instead of eating ice cream treat yourself to frozen fruit: tasty, useful, and most importantly, in the morning will not torment the conscience!

Pravilo№4. Bad habits are gradually replacing useful. So, if your usual snack at work - sausage sandwich, try before eaten sandwich, eat a banana. Maybe a sandwich now and you do not want? Share it with your colleagues. By doing this every day, eat a sandwich instead of habits you develop the habit of snacking on a banana.

Pravilo№5. Turn your breakfast a real pleasure, let it be a hearty and tasty. You can eat, such as oatmeal with dried fruit, drink a glass of juice for dessert - yogurt and fresh fruit.

Pravilo№6. Baking is not prohibited. When you want it, let yourself is fun, but choose cakes from cottage cheese and fruit, with a little sugar.

Pravilo№7. The apartment is in a prominent place put a bowl of fruit or dried fruit. And let in which case your hand goes to the bowl, and not to the refrigerator.

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