Do you detox diet?

Do you detox diet?
 The problem of excess weight worries enough people. A variety of diets, from extreme to gentle, sometimes puts a person faced with a choice - health or figure. And how to combine these two concepts? Detox diet is a chance to lose a few pounds, while not causing any harm to the body.

Detox diet is not the rejection of all the food, but only on certain groups of products. 3 days displayed accumulated toxins and wastes, 5 days a gradual recovery of your body, and a 10-day course you are completely purified, updated system flow. After the festive winter season it is worth considering whether you need a diet to lose weight, if you feel:

- Weakness;
- Constant fatigue;
- Nervous state;
- Experiencing headaches;
- Heaviness and pain in the stomach.

You do not just want, but need detox diet!

Excluded from the diet of meat and dairy products, animal fats and various margarines, heavy carbohydrates, namely flour products made with white flour, pastries, white rice and white bread, anything that contains sugar and its substitutes, salt, alcohol and carbonated drinks juices from stores, coffee. Diet means giving up smoking or to reduce to a minimum the habit (3-5 cigarettes a day).

Recommended for half an hour before a meal drink a glass of hot water with lemon. For breakfast, eat fruit salad or fruit puree to taste by adding lemon juice. Before the 12th day of reception of such food is unlimited. Also, in order to excrete the salt should drink plenty of clean water, fresh juices or herbal tea, green tea without sugar (with slices of apple is delicious). For lunch, fresh or stewed vegetables (can be baked), a variety of taste qualities of herbs. When arisen hunger, especially in the early days, the protein is replaced with nuts or cocoa powder to low-fat milk, water. Diet for weight loss involves drinking plenty of fluids, thus cleanses the kidneys, liver, pancreas, and many other bodies that are responsible for the saturation of nutrients the body as a whole.

If you want to lose 3-7 pounds of weight per week, such a diet is ideal in spring and summer. It's simple and varied, the most important thing - morale and self-control throughout the course.

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