Diet for blood group IV

Diet for blood group IV
 Hard to say what was the cause of the different blood groups in humans. Today is considered the rarest IV, which has only 2.5% of the total number of representatives of the world's population. And they, like people of different blood groups, fits a certain diet.

If you have blood group IV, and you decide to do her figure and health, there is a whole technique developed specifically for such people. Surely, you do not particularly like to exercise that require overload. So it is necessary to rely on a special diet.

Immediately it should be divided on the food products that contribute to the increase and decrease in weight. The first group includes red meat, vegetables, lima beans, seeds, corn and buckwheat and wheat. In the second part of the list can be written tofu, seafood, green vegetables, dairy products, kelp and pineapple.
In order to eat properly, remember foods that are especially useful, as well as foods that you only hurt. Consider the best whole food groups.

- Meat and poultry. Without fear eat rabbit, lamb and turkey meat. But the chicken and quail, goose, beef, quail, pork, ham, veal leave on the shelf.

- Seafood. On dietary table ideal salmon and sturgeon, mackerel and albacore tuna, sea bass and cod, rainbow trout and sardines, edible snail and pike. With regard to harmful food for the people of Group IV, it is striped and stone bass, haddock and eel, salted and pickled herring, Pacific halibut and flounder, anchovies and shrimp, as well as smoked salmon, crayfish and crab, lobster, octopus and oysters.

- Dairy products. Buy yourself kefir and yogurt, cottage cheese and cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream and cheese "Mozzarella". Try to find a goat's milk and cheese made from it. But products like butter, whole milk, milk sherbet, ice cream and buttermilk should be deleted from your diet. The same applies to the following cheeses: blue cheese, Brie, Camembert, Provolone, Parmesan.

- Replace the sunflower oil olive. All this guarantees you a healthy diet.

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