Diet for a good night's sleep

Diet for a good night's sleep
 Our food and sleep are highly dependent on each other. People often can not sleep just because it's wrong to feed on, especially if it is used to wake up at night and make small snacks. This is because the lack of sleep may enhance the effects of the hormone leptin, which regulates appetite. As a result there want more, and a full stomach prevents healthy sleep. Can I get out of this vicious circle? Find out for the beginning of what foods interfere with your sleep, and how much it contributes to the contrary.

Are useful for sleep whole grains, which are rich in dietary fibers, such as brown rice. It contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is indispensable. This produces an amino acid, in turn, serotonin nervous system sedative and melatonin, which is capable of inducing sound sleep. In addition, after the use of grains is a feeling of satiety, continuing a long time. These products are ideal for people who are used to wake up at night to eat.

Mangoes and bananas - tropical fruits, which also contribute to a good and healthy sleep. They can even replace high-calorie dessert for those who like sweet. Not to give up entirely on the dinner, just replace the consumption of carbohydrates (bread, pastries), which often interfere with sleep, a variety of fruits.

Incredibly calming effect on the human body steamed vegetables and light vegetable soups. They are absorbed easier by the fact that the content of sugar and starch in them during the cooking process is greatly reduced. Stew vegetables or cook them for a couple, after cooking, you can fill them with olive oil and serve.

Harmful to sleep are products containing animal fats. Their consumption should be reduced. For example, red meat contains a large amount of tyrosine. This is a hormone that is able to increase the level of adrenaline in the blood. He is quite a strong reaction in the body and increases the tone that makes the man quietly to sleep. Foods that contain animal protein, it is best to use only at lunchtime and in the morning, because they stimulate the body.

Sweets are also able to trigger a burst of energy because they provide carbohydrates fast organism, which in turn quickly to an end. As a result, a person can wake up in the night because of hunger.

By drinking anything cold for our body must expend additional energy to food is warmed to a temperature of our body. If the dish was cooked just like the efforts of our body does not need, and people will be able to sleep peacefully.

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