Components of a healthy diet: the acid-base balance

Components of a healthy diet: the acid-base balance
 One of the important components of a healthy human body - the acid-alkaline balance. The ratio of alkali and acid level in the blood is defined in paragraphs acidity (pH). Normally, a person, he should be 7, 3.

However, if the diet is broken, the body receives an excess of certain substances, or vice versa, reveals a lack of (most often it is observed during the diet), acid-base balance, too, is out of balance. Excess acids in the body - acidosis, alkali - alkalosis.

Determine the disturbance of acid-base balance is pretty easy. Just look at the inner surface of the century. When she becomes pale acidosis and alkalosis when, on the contrary, bright red.

Disturbed acid-base balance is most often a result of malnutrition. If the diet is dominated by excess amounts of meat, flour products from white flour, sweets, while carbohydrates are used together with proteins and fruits and vegetables are eaten in small amounts, it is a direct way to the appearance of acidosis or alkalosis.

Many people think that a violation of the acid-base balance has no effect on the body. In fact, when acidosis observed fatigue, fatigue, dark blue circles under the eyes, gray fur, may have pain in the stomach. He, by the way, is much more common than alkalosis.

That the acidity of the body is not compromised, you must adhere to the rule in the diet alkaline foods should be 4 times more than the acid.

Foods with high acidity is food containing animal protein (meat, eggs, poultry, fish, milk), refined carbohydrates (sugar, flour, starch, coffee, tea) as well as all sorts of preservatives and dyes.

However, this does not mean that you should give up these products. Is only necessary to observe the correct proportions in their use. For example, sugar, referring to acidifying products can be replaced with honey which, on the contrary, is basified.

Some products lose their acidic properties during processing. For example, cereals, peas and other legumes need to be soaked before cooking for 30-40 minutes.

Active cleansing the body of acids occurs in the morning, before breakfast so it is useful to eat some fresh vegetables or fruit. In addition, it is necessary once a week to arrange a fasting day during which consumed only fruits and vegetables.

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