7 dietetic errors and their correction

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 Go on a diet - not an easy decision. But we need to do everything correctly, otherwise the diet will have no effect, but only in reverse. There are 7 mistakes that often make those who sits on a diet. They can be avoided, of course, if you know what this error and how they should be corrected.

Errors make everything as dietary and order more. But the result of the diet was not in vain, they must be correct, and is best avoided. We have to learn on their own and others' mistakes and not repeat them. Errors only 7, so it is very easy to do.

1st dietary mistake - the refusal of breakfast. When you sit on a diet, you need to be sure to eat breakfast. Of course, this is not enough time, there are a lot of cases and worries. Therefore, the work has to go hungry, and there again the case. By 11 hours so hungry that you start thinking about how to eat this, and for an hour to 12 becomes completely indifferent to what it will be. Anything.

As a result of such snacks lost weight quickly returned to its place. And is it worth while to try to do? A breakfast because quite simply. It's enough to eat oatmeal or muesli noodles. If you want to eat at work, then why deny yourself this. The main thing to eat slowly, and not everything that comes to hand. It is possible, for example, eating an apple or other fruit.

2nd mistake - the use of alcohol in large quantities. Maybe someone knows, but in alcohol contains a lot of calories. And while alcohol is not a substitute for food, there will still want, no matter how much alcohol was consumed. And after such a spree there will want more. Probably everybody knows from experience that, coming home from a party, so hungry, that it is simply impossible to control. And then comes the morning, and with it the realization of yesterday's mistakes.

To fix this, you need to take up the hard training to yesterday's alcohol did not spoil the diet. For this fit jogging, cycling and of course the further pristine power. And the next time at a party or banquet try to behave quite differently. Drink wine in small sips, but if you can, then do give up alcohol, better drink water. Juices and sodas, too much high-calorie, so choose those that indicated that this low-calorie product. And yet, never drink on an empty stomach.

3rd mistake - eating large amounts of Fast Food. It has long been proven that if you eat such a quick lunch, then pounds recruited themselves, especially if it is done on a daily basis. But if there is no way to fine dining, and so want to go to McDonald's, choose low-fat and non-fried food. Would be the best salad. Do not need to punish yourself refusal to dinner in the evening, it will have quite the opposite effect. No starvation.

4th error - Portion distortion. For a whole day snacks in a huge amount of time, but it is not remembered. Then, it seems that the whole day had nothing to eat. And in fact, it had finished a piece of cake for a child, it is still prepared - tried, and so the whole day. Therefore, to fix and track eaten per day, you need to have a notebook and write it all down to the smallest details. Then it will be understood from calories.

5th mistake - eating a lot of food, but does not contain fat. It seems that if the food does not contain fat, they can eat as much as you want. But this weight remains in the same place. In order to properly understand what you can eat and what not, you need to look at the packaging, which shows the calories. Even if the package says "no fat", but on the other hand stated that contains 50 calories. It is best to eat greens, it does not contain a lot of calories, and after that lettuce does not want to eat.

6th error - no training for a week or more. How hard is it to force myself to go to the gym or fitness, and even more boring exercises to do at home. Where better to go to work by car rather than walk. Sign in tone is very difficult, so you need to choose something for everyone. And best of all, if there are partners, then much easier to force myself to run or just stroll.

7th error - rare weighing. Weighed daily need to control your weight. But sometimes the scales begin to fear, to postpone them for later. But this can not be done. When the stand on the scales and see the startling figures, then there will be a strong desire to lose weight. And when that happens, the numbers on the scale every day will decrease, all this will give an additional impetus and desire for further action. Balances must be a friend. You can make a notebook where to write daily weight.

If you fix all of these 7 dietary errors, the result will tell all for themselves.

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