Why can not I lose weight?

 Every girl knows that calories should consume no more than consumes the body. However, the world imposes on us the rules of conduct, not consistent with the principles of healthy eating. Identified eight habits that prevent us from being in the form and consider the options for overcoming difficulties in their elimination.

 In that case, if you can cast away at least two of us described behaviors, then simply save from 500 extra calories daily, which is 2 kg per month.

Adherents of household savings

Can you pass a huge box of marshmallow just twenty rubles? American nutritionist Joy Bauer, author of the book "We are planning to lose weight," says: "We are psychologically and genetically designed so that the select portion of the more than capable to eat." And marketers are cleverly use it. Double packaging, large boxes and discounts on bulk purchases. We can not resist such an abundance, overeat and inevitably be rounded.

Only one way out: wholesale buying only useful products - mineral water, juice, oatmeal. Rejoice in the fact that the money spent at retail purchases at another scenario still would have gone on jeans size larger.

Loving daughters

You can not deny your mom or grandma: she spends so much time at the stove to please you another culinary masterpiece! Psychologist Lisa Young of New York University agrees: "When someone is preparing for you, be extremely difficult to refuse. If your family taken daily hospitable feast, the sin of gluttony will haunt you until old age. " How can deny the woman that gave you life? Do not insist on its mode, better to just answer that it is not hungry.

Diet for Mom - No reason, but with such an objective fact as satiety, she can not do anything.

Sweet tooth

It is proved that office workers, keeping the chocolate in his desk, eating them twice as likely than those who need to pass at least six steps to the longed bar.

Keep your distance! Place the cookies and candy on the top shelf in the freezer - out of sight, out of mind, out of his mouth off! And the fore grapefruit, salad and herbal tea, and you will be happy.


Alas, unchallenged motto "need to take the best out of life" and "live once" bad only one - they often turn into obesity and heart disease. Try to cope with daily stress than using a heavy meal, but in some other way.

Discover new joy of lifeWalking in the park or visiting the spa. Then the food will bring you real pleasure, not just suppress the bad emotions.

Lovers put off until tomorrow

Slim happy tomorrow is wont never arrives. Always on the nose will be a party with pizza and ice cream or a bad day, requiring seize nasty temper chocolate.

To begin forget the word "diet" and change the attitude towards life. Gradually add to the diet of healthy foods - they naturally displace sandwiches.

Supporters of dietary

Now there are a great many low-carb and low-fat foods that manufacturers issue for most healthy foods. We are pleased to believe these tales and absorb huge amounts of "zero" yoghurts and curds, jams and sugar substitutes for grain biscuits.

"Calories are in even the most health food" - warns an American nutritionist, Professor Brian Vansink. He found that people tend to eat low-fat ice cream for thirty (!) Percent more than the simple, and that equalize the amount of calories consumed.

Thoughtful: less is better.


Many tend to overestimate the "energy value" exercise. Even if you are out of breath on the treadmill, it does not mean that all the calories you burned scored at yesterday's party.

Need to engage on a regular basis, according to the plan, Driving seven pots, otherwise you will forever be remembered around the girl in dimensionless sweat pants.


I enjoy when the menu is pleasing to the eye, twenty dishes of meat, thirty
kinds of desserts ... And all I want to try! Remove from it. Proudly fill the plate with all kinds of cereals and vegetables, and in spite of everything - grow thin!

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