Walking for weight loss

Walking for weight loss
 Walking - this is not a complex and enjoyable way to get rid of excess weight and improve the entire body. This type of exercise suitable for all, without exception, regardless of age and the presence of certain diseases associated with overweight.
 Preparing to Race Walking

If you decide to lose weight with the help of nordic walking, first purchase the appropriate footwear. It should be soft and comfortable. Keep in mind that you must walk on a daily basis, in extreme cases - five days a week. Walk at least 30 minutes a day. Gradually increase the classroom. Bring them up to 45 minutes, then - and one hour. If you can not pay that amount of time daily walk, try to walk at least one hour twice a week.

How to walk?

Need to move at a rapid pace. Your steps should be frequent and short. While walking perform arm movements back and forth. If you manage to pass one kilometer for 10-15 minutes, you will burn at least 100 calories. To achieve maximum benefit from the training necessary to do everything right. Keep your head straight, shoulders slumped, his back straightened. A necessary condition for the effectiveness of training is proper breathing. Breathe rhythmically through the nose. If the air is clean and you have a fast pace, breathing nose and mouth at the same time. When air pollution and severe frost sniff and exhale mouth every 3-4 pitch. Monitor cardiac rhythm. Partly dyspnea acceptable, but with a strong dyspnea Moderate pace. Keep in mind that Nordic Walking helps burn more calories than jogging.

Load Calculation

The special formula will help you determine the maximum heart rate. Subtract the numbers from 220 your age. Of the amount received, subtract 50. For example: 220 - 50 - 50 = 120. Accordingly, when the pulse of 120 beats per minute your body will get the most benefit.

Varieties of race walking

There are certain varieties of race walking. It is walking backwards, with the buttocks muscle tension and walking up. In the first case, while walking, keep your back straight, hands on his waist and put gather in the stomach. If you stretch the muscles of the buttocks, they will catch up and become elastic. When walking, pushing feet from a solid surface, strongly tighten the buttocks. Do not strain the back muscles. Walking up involves not only uphill, but the steps. Give up the elevator and climb on foot. These movements perfectly strengthen thigh muscles and calf muscles. Very useful to alternate all kinds of race walking.

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