System -60 - losing weight without starvation

System -60 - losing weight without starvation
 "The system -60", designed by Catherine Mirimanova allowed herself without medical intervention and a half years to lose weight from 120 to 60 kg, ie lose 60 pounds. Therefore, making a list of rules, which it adhered to the diet, the author decided to call his method is "system -60".
 Associative women believe that weight loss - it is a hunger strike. Catherine Mirimanova developed a special diet that is ideal for people who can not boast of iron willpower for the waiver of food and that it is difficult to abandon the use of pet food. Need to be honest and admit that in fact absolutely all people fairly easy to achieve self-restraint and establish strict control over what they eat.

The principle of "the system -60" is pretty simple. To 12.00 are allowed to eat your favorite foods in any quantity. It may even be cakes, chocolate, pastry, fried chicken, fatty meats, spicy, fast food, soft drinks, etc.

In the afternoon, you need to limit the power, but that does not mean that you have to starve. From 12.00 to 18.00 you can not have what could be eaten in the morning. At this time, the diet should consist, for example, from boiled rice and chicken. Also at the dinner can cook soup, but can not be passaged onions. If not it will be "not tasty", then you can fry the onions, but then on the butter, sour cream and mayonnaise have to give. The soup is prepared either on the water and potatoes or meat broth and then no potatoes. You can eat soup of beans and peas. For lunch you can also eat fermented milk and low-fat dairy products. Combination of products can be arbitrary. The only thing you can not combine the pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes and beans with meat and fish products.

Dinner should be "easy". You can choose one of the options supper: fruit and vegetables (excluding potatoes, peas, squash, eggplant) or a small fat dairy products, fruits or vegetables with buckwheat or rice, any meat with eggs and seafood.

After 18:00 the power must be completed. In the evening you can drink green tea, coffee, red wine in small quantities. Popular in some diets or fasting fasting days in the "System -60" are not needed, they can disrupt the contrary the correct process of weight loss.

A necessary component of this diet is exercise, at least 10 minutes each day. Also important skin care. Because in the process of weight loss skin may begin to "hang", it is necessary to use cosmetics to maintain its elasticity and reduce wrinkles. A positive effect on the skin and massage.

"The system -60" allows you to lose weight without hunger strikes, though not in a short time. This diet does not burden the people, over time it becomes a way of life. When the desired result is achieved "system -60" will work to maintain it.

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