Lose weight safely and correctly

Lose weight safely and correctly
 Hoping to lose weight a woman tormented by rigid unbalanced diet, which bring nothing but harm. In fact, enough to eat according to their "internal clock" - biorhythms.

To lose weight properly and permanently save the result, just listen to your biorhythms and obey the body. Biorhythms are daily, weekly, monthly and annual.

Activities of daily biorhythm starts around 7am. It is from 7 to 9 hours, our body breaks down fats and produces energy. He spends actively nutrients and do not store them. Therefore am sure breakfast, even if you do not want this. From a hearty breakfast depends on your ability to work throughout the day. Even eaten for breakfast muffin do not worry - everything will be eaten at this time, immediately recycled into energy.

Include breakfast menu juice, oatmeal, boiled egg, bread with bran. All of these products will further energizing the body.

Before lunch you can sometimes afford all sorts of goodies harmful in small amounts.

At lunch, namely from 13 to 14 hours, your metabolism starts to slow down. Begins the transition of the body from splitting substances to their accumulation.

Therefore, as the saying goes, lunch "to share with others." Food should be no longer such a high-calorie, as food for breakfast. And, of course, have no buns.

From 18 to 21 the body begins to vigorously stocking nutrients. It stores them, but does not process. That is why at this time so hungry.

Do not deny yourself this. Eat, and in unlimited quantities, vegetable salads dressed with lemon juice, stewed vegetables, apples, yogurt drink.

At the heart of our week-long jet lag are energy within a week. Due to the fact that we are working, nervous and struggling with stress, the body spends 25% more calories than on weekends. We also eat 25% less than at the weekend.

Therefore, the power at the weekend should not be too high-calorie. And replace the TV and sofa foot Movies. Just do not eat popcorn and chips there.

Monthly biorhythm cycle depends on the woman. Maximum fat burning occurs at 7-12 day cycle. During this period you can afford food with "useful" fats. The maximum accumulation of fat goes to 22-26 days. At this time, try to eat low-calorie foods.

Annual biorhythm is associated with the time of year. The body breaks down fat active in April and May, and in October-November, it accumulates. Therefore, the most effective weight loss will be in the spring, and with the onset of autumn stick with the "right" diet and do not lean on harmful goodies.

And do not forget about hiking evening walks, easy morning exercises and a positive attitude.

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