How to speed up calorie burning

How to speed up calorie burning
 The cause of the excess weight is often a metabolic disorder. As a result, one of two people eating the same way, it may be a fat man, while his team-mate will have a normal weight. Poor metabolism - a physiological process responsible for the burning of calories, can be accelerated by using simple techniques that will help you lead a normal metabolism.
 One of the most effective ways to help speed up the burning of calories, is split meals. Not increasing the amount eaten daily, just divide it into several portions and not eat every 2-2, 5 hours. At the same time try to calorie content per serving not exceed 300-500. Not to allow to slow down the process of metabolism, expect a meal so that the interval between snacking does not exceed 4 hours.

Be sure to breakfast in the morning, because the metabolic processes in the body after a night's sleep, begin to be activated when the stomach gets first food. If you do not have breakfast, then lunch will be burned up a lot less calories than after a normal, healthy morning meal. Include in the morning diet of porridge or cereal, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread. Complex carbohydrates contained in them, require more effort from the body to assimilate, so hunger does not appear sooner.

Increase in the diet protein content, with their digestion the body requires more energy it receives, burning calories. Increasing the protein content of 25-30%, you will help your body to burn each day by 150-200 calories more. Accelerate the metabolism and the use of green tea and a large amount of water.

Enter in your diet foods with a high content of iron: and dark meat chicken, soy and corn. Be sure to eat low-fat dairy products, which contain a lot of calcium. His daily intake should be at least 1200 mg. Use spices in cooking, black and red pepper, turmeric, ginger also normalize metabolism and help burn calories. Avoid alcohol and stop smoking.

Be sure to exercise regularly. Aerobic and Weight Training will help you build muscle, which can burn 9 times more calories than the same amount of adipose tissue. Jumping on the spot, with a rope and without, squats and slopes available to every woman, you do not even necessarily going to the gym. Change the type of physical activity, so that the body does not get used to them.

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